What is an 18R-G engine?

What is an 18R-G engine?

That G suffix indicates a two-valve twin-cam cylinder head, with power outputs up to 140hp (sometimes reported as 145hp) that, depending on your engine, could be built by either Toyota or Yamaha. Yamaha’s work on the 18R-G was based on the work they’d done for Toyota previously, on the legendary 2000GT sports car.

What is the difference between 18r/rc and 18rg?

Rings, rods, crankshaft, main and rod bearings, front and rear oil seals, lower timing sprockets, small timing chain, and most gaskets are 18R/RC items, and still available from U.S. parts houses. Pistons, upper timing chain, chain tensioners and guides, and head gasket are 18RG items.

What is the difference between a 2TG and an 18rg?

Originally the 2TG (1588cc) started at 115 HP, and the 18RG (1968cc) at 145 HP. Both engines had a twin- the 2TGR and 18RGR which had low compression pistons, but identical cylinder heads.

What RPM is the redline on the 18R-GU?

Its engine is an 18R-GU, and features a non-stock handbuilt exhaust header. We took it for a spin; though redline was at an indicated 7,000 rpm on the tach, we shifted at 6,000 rpm as a courtesy.

What is the bore and stroke of a 18R engine?

The 18R series shared a 2.0 L (1,968 cc) block; cylinder bore and stroke was 88.5 mm × 80 mm (3.48 in × 3.15 in). The 2-valve, SOHC versions were as follows:

When did the Yamaha 18R-G come out?

The 2-valve DOHC 18R-G and its variations were produced from 1973 to 1982, replacing the 8R-G and providing a performance engine which took advantage of the entire 2-litre limit of Japan’s ” small car ” class. While most 18R-Gs had a head designed and made by Yamaha, a very few had Toyota heads.

What kind of engine does a 19R have?

The 2-valve SOHC 2.0 L (1,968 cc) 19R was produced from 1974 through 1977. Cylinder bore and stroke was 88.5 mm × 80 mm (3.48 in × 3.15 in). Its dimensions are the same as of the 18R, but it featured TTC-V, Toyota’s licensed version of Honda’s CVCC stratified charge combustion system.

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