What is an antique epergne?

What is an antique epergne?

Epergne (/ɪˈpɜːrn, eɪ-/ ih-PURN, ay-) is a type of table centerpiece that is usually made of silver but may be made of any metal or glass or porcelain. Epergnes were traditionally made from silver, however from around the start of the 20th century, glass was also employed.

What does the word epergne mean?

Definition of epergne : an often ornate tiered centerpiece consisting typically of a frame of wrought metal (such as silver or gold) bearing dishes, vases, or candle holders or a combination of these.

What is an epergne vase?

English Sterling. The Webster Dictionary defines, Epergne as, A ornamental stand, usually made of glass or silver, holding, vase shaped dishes, trumpets or trays,used as a decorative centerpiece for serving sweetmeats,fruit,cakes,candy or flowers.

What is a silver Apern?

A beautiful silver epergne by William Robertson, Scotland, 1795-1796. An epergne (pronounced EH’-PERN) is a table center piece that was introduced in Europe in the early 1700s. Generally made from silver, the most popular style had a dominant column or large raised bowl in its center.

Where would you find an epergne?

The epergne was displayed at the centre of the dinner table or the sideboard. The dishes/bowls were often decorated with sweets or flowers. Occasionally the centre columns were fitted with candle holders or a vase.

What does an epergne look like?

Design and Color. Glass epergnes usually have a tall central flute or column that is surrounded by shorter flutes. Fancier glass epergnes have stems made of glass that hold small glass baskets. In these flutes and baskets were placed flowers and bonbons or sweetmeats.

What does Andantino mean in English?

slightly faster
: slightly faster than andante —used as a direction in music. andantino.

What is a bowl of flowers called?

A bouquet is a group of flowers selected and arranged into a design or style with or without foliage. These flowers are usually shaped into a design and bound together and wrapped in decorative paper. A bouquet is often given to people who may or may not already have a vase or vessel in which to place them.

Is Andantino faster than allegro?

Andante – at a walking pace (76–108 BPM) Andantino – quite faster than andante (but some cases it means a bit slower than andante) (80–108 BPM) Allegro – fast, quickly and bright (120–156 BPM) (molto allegro is slightly faster than allegro, but always in its range; 124-156 BPM).

When was the silver plate D epergne made?

Made circa 1900, this attractive, Antique Silver Plate d Epergne, is naturalistic in style, with has two leaf dishes, two smaller trumpet vases, and a larger central trumpet vase, all fitted to a leaf and vine detailed frame. The epergne measures 4″ (36cm) tall, by17.5″ (45cm) wide, by 9.5″ (24cm) deep.

What is a sterling silver epergne?

Hallmarked in London in 1876 by Stephen Smith, this striking, Victorian, Antique Sterling Silver Epergne, features a circular glass dish to the mid point, a trumpet shaped glass vase, ornate decoration to the body and cast and applied acanthus detailed feet. The epergne measures 21″ (53cm) tall, by 10.75″ (27cm) in diameter.

What does an antique silver epergne centrepiece look like?

An Antique solid Silver Epergne Centrepiece with a large oval central basket supporting a tall trumpet shaped vase on top of an impressive concave shaped stand. The central stand has…

How big is a Victorian silver epergne?

Hallmarked in London, 1876 by Stephen Smith, this wonderful, Victorian, antique silver epergne, features a circular glass dish, and trumpet shaped glass vase, ornate chasing around the body and cast and applied acanthus detailed feet. The epergne measures 21 inches (53cm) tall, by 10.75 inches (27cm) in diameter.

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