What is an example of a reformative social movement quizlet?

What is an example of a reformative social movement quizlet?

What is an example of a reformative social movement? A movement that promotes a switch from standard incandescent light bulbs to energy-saving compact florescent bulbs in all American households.

What is the goal of a reformative social movement?

Reformative social movements seek to change something specific about the social structure. They may seek a more limited change, but are targeted at the entire population.

What is a Metaformative social movement?

Metaformative Social Movement. :a social movement that has the goal to change the social order, not just of a society or 2, but of the entire world. -strive to reformulate concepts & practices of race-ethnicity, class, gender, governments, & the global stratification of the entire world.

Which of the following is an example of collective behavior?

Collective behavior is a type of social behavior that occurs in crowds or masses. Riots, mobs, mass hysteria, fads, fashions, rumor, and public opinion are all examples of collective behavior.

What type of social movement is MADD?

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is an example of an alternative social movement because it targets one behavior—drunk driving.

What is a reactionary movement?

In this French usage, reactionary denotes “a movement towards the reversal of an existing tendency or state” and a “return to a previous condition of affairs”.

What is an example of redemptive social movement?

Redemptive social movements try to cause total change in specific individuals. They try to change the individual’s whole way of life. Alcoholics Anonymous is an example of a redemptive social movement. It seeks to help an alcoholic to stop drinking, which changes his whole life.

What are the five types of social movements give an example of one?

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  • 5 Types of Social Movements. Reform movements, Revolutionary movements, Religious movements, Alternative movements, Resistance movements,
  • Reform Movements.
  • Revolutionary Movements.
  • Religious Movements.
  • Alternative Movements.
  • Resistance Movements.
  • Reform Movement Example.
  • Revolutionary Movement Example.

What is re-reformative social movement?

Reformative Social Movement aim for limited change of all of society. Being generally satisfied with the existing society, they tend to work within existing political systems to promote moderate change; some are progressive, promoting new social patterns, while others are reactionary, and oppose change by trying to preserve the status quo.

What is a transformative social movement?

Transformative Social Movement :a social movement that seeks to change society totally -want to replace the current social order w/ their sense of a good society

Which of the following is an example of revolutionary social movement?

Examples include the same-sex marriage movement and the Women’s Suffrage movement. Revolutionary Social movement aim for radical change of all of society. They are dissatisfied with existing society and seek to apply a specific ideology or belief system to drastically change a society’s fundamental structure or process.

What are alternative social movements?

Alternative Social Movement seek limited change in specific individuals. They encourage individuals to change their own behaviour; to discard particular attitudes or types of behaviour and replace them with behaviours that they view as more desirable; eg. Drug Abuse Resistance Education and advocacy of home-schooling over mainstream education.

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