What is an LM80 report?

What is an LM80 report?

LM-80 Test Report (Lumen Depreciation of LED Chip) The North American IES standard LM80 determines a test method by which a batch of LEDs are tested at a specified drive current and ambient temperature.

What is tm21 report?

TM-21 outlines a standard calculation method to predict future lumen depreciation using LM-80 data. These standards ensure consistent reporting from LED manufacturers, enabling lighting professionals to make sound decisions when specifying luminaires.

What is LM80 in lighting?

LM-80 is a standardised testing method for measuring the lumen depreciation of LED modules or chips over a period of time and under certain set conditions. Before the advent of LM-80, LED component manufacturers each reported lumen maintenance data using their own disparate and varied systems.

What is the difference between lm79 and lm80?

LM-79 is an approved process that measures the electrical and photometric properties of LED products. LM-80 is an approved process that measures the lumen maintenance of the flux for a group of electroluminescent diodes (LED) at various operating temperatures.

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What is an lm79 report?

LM 79 is the Illuminating Engineering Society North America (IESNA) approved testing method to generate electrical and optical measurements of solid state lighting (LED) products.

What is L90 B10?

Therefore the L90/B10 specification with 50,000 hours means that no more than 10% of the LEDs achieve less than 90% of their initial luminous flux within an operating period of 50,000 hours.

What is the life time of LED?

In addition, LED lights are known to last longer and typically enjoy a lifespan of almost 50,000 hours.

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