What is associate editor in a journal?

What is associate editor in a journal?

Associate Editors (AEs) play a key role in peer-reviewed publishing, supporting the journal Editor as subject experts on various topics. You communicate with the corresponding author about manuscript revisions, and you review the revised manuscript before making a final recommendation to the Editor.

Do associate Journal editors get paid?

“For most chemistry journals, the editor and associate editors receive some financial compensation for handling manuscripts and for travel representing the journal; however, compensation is generally minimal relative to the time invested in performing their editor duties.”

Is Associate Editor higher than editor?

Generally an assigning editor is a senior editor or above, although now more associate editors are assigning editors as well. Associate Editor: The next step after Assistant Editor. Associate Editors are usually responsible for writing and/or assigning (to other writers) the FOB and BOB columns and stories.

What is the role of the associate editor?

Associate editors are entry-level publishing professionals who assist in various prior-to-print editing processes. They proof, edit, and fact-check content as well as check layouts, update social media channels, and write short articles.

Do academic journal editors earn?

These positions are usually unpaid, but they offer important benefits. Your network will expand to include fellow editorial-board members around the country and the globe, and they could provide leads on professional opportunities or introduce you to new contacts in your discipline.

Do you get paid to be a journal editor?

What does an academic journal editor do?

Journal editors evaluate all manuscripts that are submitted to their journal, select those which they consider to be suitable for the journal to send for peer review, and consider peer reviewers’ advice to make a final decision about what gets published.

What is the role of an associate editor?

Role as an Associate Editor: As an Associate Editor, you are expected to play a vital role in an establishing and growing specialty. You are required to be working in a team comprising the requisite number of associate editors which also include you. The specialty once established, you oversee the peer-review process of the manuscripts.

How can Anan extend the term of an associate editor?

An Associate Editor can extend the one-year term in yearly increments by performing Acts of Service (defined below). These Acts of Service ensure that our editors are always actively engaged in directing the journal’s future.

How do I become an associate editor of Jad?

Once an article is accepted, the corresponding author (only one person if there is more than one corresponding author) is invited to become an Associate Editor of JAD with a one-year term beginning January 1st of the following calendar year.

How to choose the review editors of a journal?

The Associate Editors are advised to look for the diversity while choosing the Review Editors in the aspects such as; gender balance, geographical spread, different foci of the research within the scope of specialty. They can be chosen from outstanding postdocs, readers, lecturers, principal investigators, and assistant professors.

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