What is Ballet Folklorico de Mexico de Amalia Hernandez?

What is Ballet Folklórico de Mexico de Amalia Hernández?

The Auditorium Theatre presents Ballet Folklórico de México de Amalia Hernández, celebrating their 70th anniversary. One of the most famous and celebrated companies in the world, this Auditorium Theatre Visiting Resident Company brings the culture, music, dance, and costumes of Mexico to Chicago on February 12 and 13.

Is Ballet Folklórico de México coming back to the US?

In 2021, Ballet Folklórico de México will return to the United States for an extended multi-city tour featuring renewed performances of the company’s classic choreography. The company’s US tour in Fall 2018 was a coast-to-coast success.

Who is Amalia Hernández?

Featuring the renowned choreography of company founder Amalia Hernández, who “brought a brilliant visual and theatrical sense to her dances” (The New York Times) and live music provided by the Ballet Folklórico de México ensemble.

What did Amalia Hernandez see before Riverdance?

“Long before “Riverdance,” Amalia Hernandez understood the power of rhythmic thunder. Before “The Lion King,” she saw the magic of dancers who could “become” animals or giant puppets.

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