What is better dress circle or stalls?

What is better dress circle or stalls?

As a rule rows 6-8 in the stalls tend to offer the best views. The dress circle – Also sometimes called the Royal Circle, first balcony or mezzanine, the dress circle is the next tier of seating above the stalls. Upper circle seats are usually about the same price as the rear stalls.

What is the difference between dress circle and Grand Circle?

– Dress Circle, aka Royal Circle or Circle, is the same as Mezzanine in the USA and is the next tier of seating above the Stalls. – Upper Circle or Grand Circle is the same as Balcony in the USA, and is normally the next tier of seating above the Dress Circle.

How many seats are in the Duchess Theatre?

479Duchess Theatre / Capacity

Are stalls good seats in Theatre?

Stalls seats are on the ground level of the theatre. Typically, stalls seats can be regarded as some of the best seats in the auditorium, due to their close proximity to the stage. If you’re sitting in the first few rows of the stalls seats, you may even be able to touch the stage and see performers blink.

Which seat is best in Theatre?

“The center is the best place to sit in a movie theater. At the front you’re too close to the screen, at the back there are too many heads and seats in front of you and on the aisle you’re too far to the side. The center is just right. Although a compromise can be made in the seats in between the front and the center.

How long is the play that goes wrong?

two hours and five minutes
The Play That Goes Wrong is two hours and five minutes long, including a 20-minute interval.

Does the Duchess Theatre have a cloakroom?

Yes, the Duchess Theatre has air conditioning. Does the Duchess Theatre have a cloakroom? A small cloakroom is available for ticket holders to store larger items during the show. There is a small charge per item stored.

How good is the dress circle at the Duchess of Cambridge?

The dress circle at the Duchess is not particularly high up by West End theatre standards. However, the final three rows at the back can feel slightly distant from the action on stage, even for a small theatre.

What is the Duchess Theatre like to visit?

The Duchess theatre is small and intimate, just right for such a romantic play/musical. They really do need, however, to fix the seats in that row as when a rather large young couple sat down in seats O19 and 20 the whole row of seats rocked back three or four inches which was very disconcerting.” Called the Dress Circle in this theatre.

What is the difference between the dress circle and the stalls?

The Dress Circle is significantly narrower than the Stalls, with 9 rows of 20 seats, as well as boxes at the rear of the seating. This section is divided in two by an aisle that runs horizontally behind Row C. Seats are head-on to the stage and well-raked, which means no restricted views. Legroom is good throughout.

How many seats are in a theatre stall?

The stalls are very narrow with the longest row only 29 seats. For most productions, an centre aisle divides seats from row G to the back of the theatre. For a few shows, mostly musicals, extra seats are installed in the centre aisle of rows G, H and J.

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