What is Camprofile gasket?

What is Camprofile gasket?

Camprofile gaskets consist of a metal core, with machined concentric grooves on each side, covered with a thin, bonded soft layer of sealing material. They can be used without sealing layers, but there is a risk of flange surface damage, especially at high seating loads.

Are Kammprofile gaskets reusable?

Kammprofile gaskets offer value for money mainly because they are reusable! Manufacturers of kammprofile gaskets regularly refurbish used gaskets for industrial users, helping to add to your savings over the years and increase the lifespan of your gaskets overall.

What is corrugated gasket?

Corrugated metal gasket (CMG) consists of a metal core with concentric grooves on both sides and coated with expanded graphite, PTFE layer or non-asbestos plate. In addition, corrugated metal gasket is a versatile sealing element when bolt loads are low. Unlike other materials and structures, it can be very resilient.

What is jacket gasket?

A jacketed gasket has a construction composed of a soft filler material, wrapped by a metal outer layer. Often, this is a two-piece metal construction with a flat layer against the soft facing and a wrap layer that wraps at both sides to form a complete enclosure to encapsulate the filler.

What is a Cnaf gasket?

CNAF gaskets are made from sheet material where the fibres are combined with a rubber binder which is normally Nitrile, EPDM, Neoprene or SBR. It is important to select the right grade, as unlike asbestos, CNAF materials have different chemical resistance and temperature ratings dependent on the grade.

Can you reuse flange gaskets?

(“There’s still more life in it!”) Those that are strictly focused on performance will always tell you to never reuse a gasket. (“Once you break the seal, you will never achieve the same level of performance!”) As a trusted gasket material supplier, our recommendation is that you never reuse a gasket.

What is a ring gasket?

What is a Ring Gasket? Ring gaskets have no bolt holes. These gaskets are positioned inside the flange bolts and around the pipe bore. Ring gaskets are typically used on raised face flanges. When used on a raised face flange, the ring gasket is positioned on top of the raised surface of the flange.

What is a flat gasket?

Flat gaskets are universal sealing elements with a large range of application in all branches of industry. They can be used within a temperature range of – 200 °C up to a maximum of + 550 °C. Gaskets with outer rim made of a thin metal band are used where the media wear comes from the outside.

When would you use a Cnaf gasket?

Straight to the point, Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre gaskets are best-suited for extreme processing conditions. If there are hydrocarbons and oils in the vicinity, or there are solvents and caustic chemicals around, then sheets of CNAF can be cut to fit while they guarantee a fatigue-free seal.

What is Cnaf material?

Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre is a high grade sealing and jointing material. With material benefits including resistance to compression, chemicals and high temperatures, Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre meets a variety of demands.

What are camprofile gaskets?

Camprofile gaskets consist of a metal core, with machined concentric grooves on each side, covered with a thin, bonded soft layer of sealing material. The serrated metallic core is very effective for sealing in applications where high temperatures, high pressures and fluctuating process conditions exist.

What is the core thickness of a camprofile?

CAMPROFILE GASKETS Core thickness Core thickness depends on the assembly circumstances. The most common camprofile core thickness nowadays is 3 mm. When a camprofile is replacing an existing gasket, the use of a 4 mm. thick core should not be problematic.

What are the features of a camprofile?

(If you are on a mobile device and cannot see the entire table, scroll the table left/right.) Camprofiles feature as standard a profile with a 1mm cam pitch and a maximum groove depth of 0.5mm, generally in one of the following configurations:

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