What is Ciudadanos in Spain?

What is Ciudadanos in Spain?

Citizens (Spanish: Ciudadanos [θjuðaˈðanos] listen (help·info); Catalan: Ciutadans [siwtəˈðans]; Basque: Hiritarrak; Galician: Cidadáns; shortened as Cs—C’s until January 2017), officially Citizens–Party of the Citizenry (Ciudadanos–Partido de la Ciudadanía), is a liberal political party in Spain.

What is Vox party in Spain?

Vox (Latin for “voice”, often stylized as VOX; Spanish pronunciation: [ˈboks]) is a political party in Spain. Founded in 2013, the party is led by party president Santiago Abascal and secretary general Javier Ortega Smith.

When was Ciudadanos founded?

July 9, 2006Citizens / Founded

What does Podemos stand for?

Podemos (Spanish: [poˈðemos], translated in English as “We Can”) is a left-wing populist political party in Spain.

What is Chega Portugal?

Chega (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈʃe. ɣɐ] officially stylised as CHEGA!; lit. ‘Enough’) is a national conservative, right-wing populist political party in Portugal formed in 2019 by André Ventura.

Who is Pablo Iglesias Podemos?

Iglesias is co-founder of Podemos, a left-wing political party that he led from 2014 until his resignation in 2021….Pablo Iglesias Turrión.

Pablo Iglesias
Born 17 October 1978 Madrid, Spain
Nationality Spanish
Political party Podemos (2014–present)
Other political affiliations Communist Youth Union of Spain (1992–1999)

Who is leader of Podemos?

Ione BelarraPodemos / Leader

What is the @citizens of Catalonia?

Citizens was formed in Catalonia in July 2006 in response to the call made in a manifesto by a group of well-known figures in Catalan civic society (among them Albert Boadella, Félix de Azúa, Francesc de Carreras and Arcadi Espada) in which they called for a new political force to “address the real problems faced by the general public”.

What is the Ciutadans of Catalonia?

In July 2005, this group of personalities, almost entirely based in Barcelona, formed a political platform called Ciutadans de Catalunya, or Citizens of Catalonia. They organised several round tables and conferences and by 2006 they had announced the formation of a new political party.

Who are Spain’s Ciudadanos?

The Ciudadanos story began in Barcelona, where, in the old working-class district of Raval, its founding manifesto was launched in 2005 by a bunch of intellectuals skeptical of Catalan nationalism.

What is Ciudadanos?

^ Cohen & Muñoz 2016, p. 6: «A center-right party in Spain also emerged, which is called Ciudadanos (“Citizens”), whose base is primarily young and urban and whose focus for addressing income disparity and unemployment is by concentrating on growing the innovation economy in cities throughout the country». ^ Buck, Tobias (24 February 2015).

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