What is combat arms the classic?

What is combat arms the classic?

Combat Arms: the Classic is a multiplayer game, free-to-play modern first-person shooter. The game is a relaunch of Combat Arms in its glory days delivering gamers a nostalgic high-quality FPS with an extensive arsenal of weapons. Use the power of the ninth astrological sign Zodiac Sagittarius to help you with your adventure!

Is there a multiplayer version of combat arms?

For the military term, see Combat arms. Combat Arms: Reloaded & Combat Arms: Classic is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Nexon. & Published by VALOFE The game uses the LithTech game engine to produce its graphics.

Who is the developer of combatcombat arms?

Combat Arms is a 3D FPS (First-person Shooter) developed by South Korea based developer Doobic Studios and published by Nexon. The closed beta started on May 30, 2008 exclusively through FilePlanet and ran for one week. It ended on June 6th. This beta was limited to users from North America, South America, and Oceania.

What operating systems does combatcombat arms support?

Combat Arms currently supports Windows only. Presently there is no support for Mac or Linux.

How do ranks work in combat arms Russia?

Note: For Combat Arms Russia ranks, please see Combat Arms Russia Ranks . A player’s Rank is his or her level of achievement in Combat Arms. As a player gains more experience points, he or she advances ranks.

What are the new ranks in combat arms Korea?

Combat Arms Korea has a different set of ranks. For more info, click here . In 07/13/2016 Nexon decides up to add five new ranks . In 07/19/2016 Nexon releases five new ranks named Commander in Chief and new rewards . In 01/21/2020 VALOFE release five new ranks named Marshal and new rewards first on Combat Arms Russia.

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