What is Cormant technologies?

What is Cormant technologies?

Cormant Technologies Inc. is an Information, Communication and Technology Infrastructure Management Company that develops customized software solutions in the courier industry globally. We are innovators, technology professionals, business designers, project managers and consultants. We are based and headquartered in the Philippines with a pool

Why choose Cormant?

We are based and headquartered in the Philippines with a pool of highly skilled, English speaking IT professionals who deliver world-class quality solutions. Cormant provides the tools and environment people need to deliver truly world-class quality solutions. Our customers are demanding, but appreciate our work.

Why choose Cormant-CS for InteropNet?

“The inclusion of Cormant-CS (formerly CableSolve) in the select list of companies delivering the InteropNet has provided valuable and unique insight into our assets, configuration, connectivity and environmental position.” Over the years Cormant has gained an impressive roster of customers across multiple industries and across the globe.

What is Cormant-CS DCIM?

The Cormant-CS DCIM solution manages the entire IT Infrastructure, including facilities, equipment, network paths, power and environmental data. It’s your DCIM tool, that’s why Cormant-CS is completely configurable and vendor neutral. Easily configure or advance functionality as needed.

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