What is CSA A371 preface?

What is CSA A371 preface?

Preface This is the fifth edition of CSA A371, Masonry construction for buildings. It supersedes the previous editions, published in 2004, 1994, 1984, and 1980. It is based on the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada.

What is the purpose of the CSA S304 standard?

The goal of this Standard is to help ensure construction of safe and serviceable masonry structures consistent with the intent and engineering principles of CSA S304, Design of masonry structures.

Can CSA S304 and CSA A370 be used with connectors for masonry?

To enable this Standard to be used with CSA S304 and CSA A370, Connectors for masonry, the Technical Committee has worked closely with the Technical Committees responsible for preparing CSA S304 and CSA A370.

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