What is Delta Monitor Series?

What is Delta Monitor Series?

Delta® pressure-balance valves use Monitor® Technology to protect you and your family from sudden temperature changes. Delta WaterSense labeled faucets, showers and toilets use at least 20% less water than the industry standard—saving you money without compromising performance.

Are Delta faucets interchangeable?

Yes. Delta® two-handle kitchen, lavatory and tub/shower models can be fitted with a wide variety of handle styles to suit your tastes. Changing Delta faucet handles is simple and takes less than five minutes.

Are Delta faucet parts interchangeable?

Yes, you can interchange delta and peerless faucets! Begin by assembling the parts.

How does the Delta 13/14 series shower faucet work?

The Delta 13/14 series shower faucet is designed with an internal plastic cartridge that attaches to the faucet handle. When the handle is turned, the cartridge adjusts the flow and temperature of the water flowing from the faucet.

What is the model number for Delta Faucet Arvo 14 series?

We are happy to hear that you are pleased with your Delta Faucet Arvo™ 14 Series Tub & Shower Trim With In2ition® In Matte Black MODEL#: 144840-BL-I! Our priority is customer satisfaction and we are ecstatic that we met that mark!

Is the Delta 144840-sp-I a good shower fixture?

The Delta 144840-SP-I is such a cool fixture for my shower! The In2ition® Two-in-One Shower lets me choose where to direct the water, thanks to an integrated shower head and hand shower that I can use separately or together. I feel like I’m in a fancy hotel!

When did Delta start giving out serial numbers?

Delta began assigning serial numbers in 1941. If your machine lacks a serial number plate or holes to mount one then it is from early 1941 or before. We have divided the serial number plates used by Delta into three styles, as detailed below.

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