What is DStv Mod APK?

What is DStv Mod APK?

Published by MultiChoice Support Services, this app lets you enjoy all the movies and shows available today. If you’re a DStv customer, then this app is the best choice today as you can stream all of the available movies and shows today. Here, you can access Live TV channels and watch your favorite shows comfortably.

How do I activate my DStv mobile app?

Download the DStv App (Android / Apple) for your phone (or tablet). Log in using the email address and password you created when you signed up for DStv online. Choose either Live (to see the TV channels on your package) or Catch Up (to see the latest episodes of shows you’re watching). Start watching!

How can I access my DStv Online?

VISIT THE DStv WEBSITE You can either access DStv online at now.dstv.com or by downloading the DStv app for your mobile device from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

How can I watch DStv for free?

From your browser, on a mobile, tablet, or PC, visit now. DStv. com/tv or get the app from your iOS or Android device. Create a Connect ID that you will use to login into your online account. Once logged in, use the search option to find a program, series, or movie that you intend to watch.

Why is my DStv now not working?

DStv Now is up-and-running again and users are advised to log out of their accounts, clear their cache, or refresh their apps. Next to “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” check the boxes. Click Clear data.

How do I watch DStv subscription on my phone?

How to Watch Live TV, Sports, Movies on DSTV Now

  1. Visit now.dstv.com on your browser or open the DSTV Now App on your Android or iOS devices.
  2. Login with your DSTV Connect ID.
  3. Search for the TV show you want to watch.

How can I stream DStv for free?

How many free channels are on DStv?

16 channels
MultiChoice Group-owned pay-television service DStv is offering free access to 16 channels, including to non-subscribers.

How much is DStv now per month?

DStv Premium costs R829 per month with 157 channels. DStv Compact Plus costs R539 per month with 143 channels. DStv Compact costs R409 per month with 126 channels. DStv Family costs R295 per month with 90 channels.

What is the DStv self service app?

The new DStv Self Service app provides you with the easiest way to manage your DStv account. As a DStv customer you can manage your viewing wherever you may be, clear error codes, see how much you owe, make a payment or update your details anywhere, anytime.

How do I Manage my DStv South Africa account?

Managing your DStv account has never been this easy. The DStv app is now available for download on iOS + Android. Save our WhatsApp number (060 060 3788) as DStv South Africa and start interacting with us by saying hello.

How do I use DStv holiday home 6?

Set up and manage your Holiday Home 6. Update your profile and personal details, and much more. To use the Self Service feature through your mobile phone, dial *120*68584# on your device and follow the prompts (South Africa Only). To use it online, log on to DStv website and do a one-time registration to make use of the website.

What is the cheapest package on DStv?

DStv Access The Access package is the introductory/entry-level bouquet offered. It is the cheapest available package as it offers customers choice and value for money with its available 92 channels. DStv Self Service is a feature that allows customers manage their respective DSTV accounts without having to get in touch with the Call Centre.

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