What is Eips Iwrc?

What is Eips Iwrc?

6×36 galvanized wire rope is included in the 6×36 classification of wire rope, it is made from Extra Improved Plow Steel (EIPS) and has an independent wire rope core (IWRC). These wire ropes have a third layer of wires which make them more flexible, although less abrasion resistant than the 6×19 class.

What does Iwrc wire rope stand for?

Independent wire rope core
IWRC = Independent wire rope core.

What is Eips cable?

This is an industry standard with wire cable manufacturers and steel cable suppliers. Grade of Steel – EIPS, EEIPS: EIPS is Extra Improved Plowed Steel and has roughly 10% more strength than IPS. Lang lay means the wires are twisted in the same direction as the strands are wrapped around the wire rope core.

What should you inspect in the wire rope?

How do you visually inspect wire ropes?

  1. Use the “rag-and-visual” method to check for external damage. Grab the rope lightly and with a rag or cotton cloth, move the rag slowly along the wire.
  2. Measure the rope diameter.
  3. Visually check for abrasions, corrosion, pitting, and lubrication inside the rope.

How many wires are in each strand of 6×19 rope?

26 wires
A 6X19 class wire rope contains 6 strands with 16 through 26 wires per strand. Our 6×19 class typically has either 19 (6X19) or 26 (6X26) wires per strand. It is a general purpose rope most commonly used for wire rope chokers and other rigging.

What is the difference between 6×36 and 6X37 wire rope?

6×37 is a cross laid construction used for general engineering applications. In the UK 6×36 is a far more popular construction, whilst on the European mainland, vast quantities of 6×37 are used for a variety of applications.

What does 6X36 wire rope mean?

6×36 Classification The 6 x 36 classification of wire ropes includes standard 6 strand, round strand ropes with 27 through 49 wires per strand. Although their operating characteristics vary, all have the same weight per foot and the same minimum breaking force, size for size.


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