What is elara program?

What is elara program?

What is the Elara app? Elara is a software associated with the touchpad of a laptop. Laptops of some brands, like Dell, come with the pre-installed Elara software. If you find the Elara app on your laptop, it means that it might have control over the touchpad.

What is elara app on my PC?

Elara App is used to control one of these components that is associated with the touchpad of a laptop. This app controls some functionality of the touchpad and is installed in the “Program Files” folder along with the computer’s touchpad driver. The app can be seen inside the task manager under the “ApntEX.exe” guise.

What is Elana software?

The VOBES Electrical Engineering Application (ELENA) is a proprietary development of the Volkswagen AG. This software tool is used to merge and further process the information from the electrical and mechanical domain with in the on-board network development.

How do I find out which app is preventing shutdown?

In need be, you can open Event Logs > Windows Logs > Application > Application events. Now under the General tab, look for The following application attempted to veto the shutdown. You will see the apps which stopped the shutdown.

Is elara app safe?

Though, the original Elara app is not a virus and is mainly deployed to support the touchpad. There is still a possibility that the application is being injected or replaced by malware, which happens when you download the executable file from third-party resources.

Why is Program Manager preventing shutdown?

Windows used to have a component called “Program Manager,” but that was way back in version 3. So the “Program Manager” that’s preventing your shutdown isn’t a Windows problem at all. Rather, it’s caused by some third-party application.

Why do apps prevent shutdown?

What is causing the “app is preventing shutdown” error message? The main cause why this particular error message (“This app is preventing shutdown” appears) when applications with unsaved data are still opened inside your operating system.

Is dummy hidden window a virus?

In spite of what you’ve read, it isn’t a virus or other malware. It’s a bug — in Windows. It’s a bug in the way Windows reports a specific kind of hang, and the bug has been fixed in the latest versions of Win10 20H1.

Is G exe a virus?

Some people are finding that Windows shutdown is blocked by a running program called G. Except there is no G, no G.exe, nothing even resembling G. In spite of what you’ve read, it isn’t a virus or other malware. It’s a bug — in Windows.

How to remove Elara app virus effectively?

Nevertheless, keep in mind that Elara app virus may also be the cause of various system malfunctions, so it is essential to check the system for malware. To check whether your system is indeed infected, you should thoroughly scan your computer with a powerful anti-virus application and remove Elara virus immediately.

Is the Elara app dangerous?

While the original Elara app is not dangerous, it is worth noting that its main process that runs a background might be injected with or replaced by malware. The known examples that use the name of the process include Sality, Ramnit, Fareit, and others. [1]

What is Elara app on Windows 8?

Elara app – a suspicious application that can prevent Windows from shutting down. Elara app is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that affects Windows 8 and older versions of the operating system. The application prevents users from shutting down the computer or makes the touchpad unresponsive.

Why is Elara running in the background on Windows 10?

Since Elara app continuously runs in the background as ApntEX.exe process, Windows might categorize it as a sensitive task. Once the person tries to turn off the computer, the operating system cancels the shutdown and warns about sensitive tasks running in the background.

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