What is Ext JS?

What is Ext JS?

It is a JavaScript framework and a product of Sencha, based on YUI (Yahoo User Interface). It is basically a desktop application development platform with modern UI. This tutorial gives a complete understanding of Ext JS.

What tools are used for application development in Ext JS?

These tools are used for application development in Ext JS. Sencha IDE plugin accommodates the Sencha framework into WebStrome IDEs, IntelliJ, which helps the developer to increase productivity.

How to create an object in Ext JS?

You can create the object in Ext JS by using two following ways: In object-oriented programming, the term inheritance can be defined as a technique in which a subclass imports the superclass’s properties.

What is extext JS framework?

Ext JS framework allows us to create an enterprise application with user experience with the help of JavaScript, without writing the code of CSS or HTML 5. It provides a rich set of UIs (User interface) for creating web applications with cross-browser functionality. Ext JS is widely used for creating the desktop application.

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