What is FCU motor?

What is FCU motor?

Essentially made up of a motor with a fan, a heating or cooling coil connected to the building’s central hot water and cold water system, and controller, a fan coil unit is simple heating and cooling device.

What is the maximum capacity of FCU?

600 – 2400 cfm
Hi – Static fan coil units are available in a capacity range of 600 – 2400 cfm (283-1133 l/s), in various models having 8 sizes each. Configurations available include ceiling suspended horizontal or vertical floor mounted. Ceiling suspended, concealed application with DX or chilled water coils.

What is a mechanical FCU?

A fan coil unit (FCU) is a device that uses a coil and a fan to heat or cool a room without connecting to ductwork. Indoor air moves over the coil, which heats or cools the air before pushing it back out into the room.

How many types of FCU are there?

There are four types of fan coil units (FCUs); horizontal chassis above a ceiling void, horizontal exposed, underfloor and vertical wall mounted units.

How does FCU unit work?

A chilled water fan coil unit (FCU) works by transferring heat from the air passing over the internal heat exchanger to the chilled water passing within. Cold water is supplied by a chiller unit, or reversible heat pump, which is installed in a central plant room or on the roof of a building.

How is FCU tonnage calculated?

  1. Step 1: Calculate Square Footage. Determine the square footage of the area to be cooled.
  2. Step 2: Multiply to Get BTU Value. Multiply the square footage by 25 to obtain the base BTU value.
  3. Step 3: Divide by 12,000. Determine the estimated tonnage by dividing the total BTUs by 12,000.

What is the difference between AHU & FCU?

AHU and FCU are both included in the HVAC system. AHUs are usually connected to a central HVAC system whereas an FCU can function or be installed itself. Because of this, it is often the AHU that is used to ventilate an entire building whereas FCUs are used in smaller and often local spaces only.

What is unit ventilator?

The basic unit ventilator design consists of a fan cabinet with air filters and a set of modulating dampers. Air from outside is mixed with return air and heated or cooled as it passes through the active hydronic coil.

What is FCU type?

Fan Coil Unit falls principally into two main types: blow through and draw through. As the names suggest, in the first type the fans are fitted behind the heat exchanger, and in the other type the fans are fitted in front the coil such that they draw air through it.

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