What is Ferran Adria doing now?

What is Ferran Adria doing now?

More than a year after getting the go-ahead from the city of Girona’s planning commission, trailblazing Spanish chef Ferrán Adrià finally has an opening date for elBulli 1846, his ambitious “exhibition lab” taking over the former elBulli restaurant space in Cala Montjoi, Catalonia.

What is Ferran Adria specialty?

Ferran Adrià, in full Fernando Adrià Acosta, (born May 14, 1962, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain), Catalan chef who, as the creative force behind the restaurant El Bulli (closed in 2011), pioneered the influential culinary trend known as molecular gastronomy, which uses precise scientific techniques to create …

When did Albert Adria leave El Bulli?

During 1997 Albert leaves elBulli mid-season, after ten years working there, and dedicates himself to writing his first book, Los Postres de el Bulli, launched in October 1998 following 18 months work.

How much was a meal at El Bulli?

It accommodated only 8,000 diners a season, but got more than two million requests. The average cost of a meal was €250 (US$325). The restaurant itself had operated at a loss since 2000, with operating profit coming from El Bulli-related books and lectures by Adrià.

What happens at Ferran Adrià’s restaurant El Bulli?

For six months of the year, renowned Spanish chef Ferran Adrià closes his restaurant El Bulli and works with his culinary team to prepare the menu for the next season.

What is the El Bulli documentary about?

El Bulli: Cooking in Progress is a documentary about the restaurant highlighting the iterative creative process that occurred behind the scenes. Directed by Gereon Wetzel, the film follows the creative team led by Ferran Adrià through the whole 2008–2009 season.

Who is Ferran Adrià?

Ferran Adrià – the chef who earned El Bulli it’s worldwide fame is one of the most famous people in Spain and has been acclaimed to be the best chef in the world. Find out all about the restaurant and submerge into it’s atmosphere by reading our account of the El Bulli experience, taking place in July 2005.

What ever happened to El Bulli?

Although in 2011 El Bulli closed its doors, Adrià then created the El Bulli Foundation, which continues to teach the gastronomic world about the legacy and learnings of Adrià and his team. To celebrate El Bulli’s success, we look back at the 12 iconic dishes that helped define one of the greatest restaurants of all time.

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