What is formfox order?

What is formfox order?

FormFox Order is the fastest, easiest way for employers to order drug tests. The entire process happens online and in the end you simply hand your employee a form and off they go. FormFox Order then becomes a portal where you can monitor the status of an ordered test from pending to complete.

What services does formfox offer?

Other FormFox services, such as reporting of results for alcohol tests, instant drug tests and physical exams can be included in a subscription for a small monthly fee. back to top Who can use FormFox?

How do I select a collection site location in formfox?

The site selected should be the site where the collections are actually being performed. This location will print on the CCF as the collection site location. If the user is only permitted to perform collections at a single location, FormFox will automatically direct the user to the home page. Click the “Submit” button after selecting the location.

What is the formfox collection process?

The FormFox application is designed to facilitate a simple collection process. FormFox simplifies the collection process while protecting the integrity of the collection for both the donor and collector. Step 1 of the FormFox collection wizard prompts the collector to complete the donor information.

How do I schedule a collection for an employee using formfox?

1. Set up a free account with FormFox Order 2. Choose the lab with whom you have an account (and account number) 3. Fill out the order information complete with details about the donor 4. Choose a collection facility that uses FormFox and schedule a date 5. Print and/or email the authorization to the employee

How do I sign up for formfox?

The representatives at FormFox can answer your questions about how FormFox Order works and how to sign up! Click the link below, then fill out and submit the form supplied. We will contact you directly with answers to your questions. [email protected] Signing up is easy to do!

What collection scenarios does formfox support?

FormFox supports two collection scenarios. One scenario entails “Pre-ordering”, where the donor’s test has been requested (ordered) by a party using an outside platform, which interfaces with the FormFox program. The second scenario is where the donor arrives at the clinic with a CCF.

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