What is FSSAI certificate number?

What is FSSAI certificate number?

FSSAI license number is a 14-digit number issued to registered Food Business Operators (FBOs); it comprises of five sections, each of them providing different information about the food business operator. The aforementioned indicator has to be affixed on the package of the food product, added with the FSSAI logo.

Is FSSAI registration number same as license number?

The FSSAI registration should be displayed on the office premises, and the registered number should be displayed on the package of the product. The exporter, importer, traders and producers have to mandatorily publish the FSSAI license number on the package of the products.

How can I check my FSSAI license number or not?

FSSAI License Validity Check can be done in 4 simple steps, given below:

  1. Visit FSSAI License Number Check at LegalDocs website.
  2. Enter your 14 digits valid FSSAI registration no & search.
  3. You will receive a short description on the screen.
  4. Login and know the entire details of your FSSAI license status.

What is FSSAI registered name?

FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India which is an organization that monitors and governs the food business in India.

How can I check my Fssai status?

Checking Completed FSSAI Application Status

  1. Checking the FSSAI application status is easy just click on ‘Complete Application and on License/Certificate’ type and press ‘Search’
  2. The license registration number will be displayed when you click on the ‘License/ Certificate number’ if a license has been issued.

What is Fssai Form B?

Form B: For a State FSSAI license, form B is if the food unit’s turnover is less than Rs. 20 crore and if the operation is only limited to the State. The Central FSSIA license form B is when the unit’s turnover that is more than Rs. 20 crore.

What is the difference between FSSAI and FoSCoS?

There is no difference between FSSAI, FoSCoS and Food License. These are all the same.

How can I register my Fssai registration number?

It has to be affixed on the package of the food product, with the FSSAI logo.

  1. Section 1- First digit indicates the status- whether the food business is registered or not.
  2. Section 2- The second and the third digit indicates- the state code, which specifies the state where the business is registered.

Can we use FSSAI reference number?

After FSSAI registration, the 17 digit FSSAI Reference number is provided to the food business operator, you have to enter this number in the search bar.

How can I check my FSSAI status?

What does FSSAI mean?

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has been established under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 which consolidates various acts & orders that have hitherto handled food related issues in various Ministries and Departments.

What do the 14 digits of the FSSAI license number mean?

The 14-digits of the FSSAI license number have been basically divided into 5 sections and each section tells the authorities some information about the food business operator which distinguishes it from the others. Here are the 5 different sections of the FSSAI License number.

What is a FSSAI license?

In addition to ensuring safe practices, the FSSAI also issues a Food License to the FBOs certifying the safety of the food products for consumption by customers. Every food license has a 14-digit registration/license number which has to be affixed on the packaging of the food product along with the FSSAI logo.

What is the latest Notice issued by FSSAI for 2021?

Notice dated 24th June 2021 related to Issue of Wait List for the post of Central Food Safety Officer in FSSAI against Revruitment Advt. No. DR-02/2019 Notice dated 14th June 2021 regarding Document Verification for the Posts of Assistant Manager (IT) (Advt. No. DR-02/2019)

Is FSSAI registration mandatory for food business?

License or registration with FSSAI is mandatory for everyone who is doing the food business. Whether an FBO requires a License or registration depends upon the parts like the capacity of production, controlling nature of food business activities and range of operation. How much does FSSAI Registration cost?

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