What is Goldust character?

What is Goldust character?

Dustin Patrick Runnels (born April 11, 1969), better known by the ring name Dustin Rhodes, is an American professional wrestler currently signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where he performs and acts as a coach. He is best known for his multiple tenures with the WWE from 1995 to 2019 as the character Goldust.

Who is Goldust married to?

Ta-rel Marie Runnelsm. 2012
Milena Martellonim. 2002–2003Terri Runnelsm. 1993–1999
Dustin Rhodes/Spouse

Is Cody Rhodes Goldust?

Cody Rhodes and Goldust (usually referred to as Gold & Stardust, The Rhodes Brothers, The Cosmic Twins and The Brotherhood, more recently Goldust & Stardust) were a professional wrestling tag team in WWE. Rhodes and Goldust are half-brothers in real life.

Who is Goldust dad?

Dusty Rhodes
Dustin Rhodes/Fathers

Dustin Rhodes—the artist also known as Goldust—could once relate. Back in 1994, despite standing at a towering 6’6″, Rhodes was engulfed by the shadow of his father, the legendary Dusty Rhodes.

Who is Goldust in the WWE?

He is best known for his multiple tenures with the WWE from 1995 to 2019 as the character Goldust. The son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes and the half-brother of fellow wrestler Cody Rhodes, he is also known for his appearances with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA, now Impact Wrestling).

How did Goldust become so popular?

The WWE Universe has been taken on a long, fascinating trip since The Bizarre One first strutted his bedazzled stuff in 1995. With an envelope-pushing style that predated the scandalous Attitude Era, Goldust instantly became a Superstar to watch and an oddity to fear.

What happened to Cody and Goldust at WWE Battleground?

At WWE Battleground, Cody and Goldust won their jobs back when they defeated the WWE Tag Team Champions, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in a non-title match.

What happened to Goldust on Raw?

Goldust appeared on the celebration of the 800th episode of Raw on November 3, 2008, dancing alongside his father Dusty Rhodes, Lilian Garcia and several other wrestlers. A noticeably slimmer and quicker Rhodes finally made a full-time return on the Raw roster once again on the November 24, 2008 episode of Raw, where he defeated Santino Marella.

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