What is Hiccup&Astrid fanfic?

What is Hiccup&Astrid fanfic?

This is a collection of well written fanfics that truly pay respect to Hiccup & Astrid’s characters as presented in canon. The stories can all range from ‘canon-verse’ to AUs, deviations and modern AUs. (Ratings: K-M) Fiction Rating: All (?

What secret is Astrid keeping from hiccup in say something?

126 Say Something » by jack-frostitutes Astrid is keeping a secret from her fiancé, Hiccup. He’s noticed the changes in the way she acts, and hopes that she’ll be able to tell him. After the secret is spilled, he reacts better than she thought, and they start getting prepared.

What is the plot of hiccstrid?

Hiccstrid. 55 Savage Seas » by ririwritesstuff Stoick the Vast is desperate. His son, Hiccup, is nineteen and still… Hiccup. He needs something to keep him grounded, a rock, someone who can help him become a true Viking. He won’t be around forever, and well, somebody has to take his place.

What happens in Astrid and the Dragon Master?

Plagued by dragons, Berk offers a sacrifice. Astrid swears she will end the feared Dragon Master’s life, but when the Dragon Master’s war becomes her own, Astrid must figure out whose side she’s really on. [Rating May Go Up]

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