What is Hudson 29?

What is Hudson 29?

A gathering place for family and friends to share life deliciously from the chefs at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. Named for the storied Hudson River Valley, home of the Culinary Institute of America, and the route which winds through Napa Valley, Hudson 29 is a collection of great flavors and influences from both.

Why is Hudson 29 not a good restaurant?

It’s not a really good restaurant because it doesn’t have to be…even to be called the #1 restaraunt in Upper Arlington. Hudson 29, with it’s location and corporate reputation will probably make money for a long time just plugging along providing average food products and marginal service.

How many bottles of wine does Hudson 29 have?

Featuring a menu of familiar favorites crafted from the finest ingredients and an artfully composed wine list of over 100 bottles. Stop by Hudson 29 soon, and share a few tales of your own.

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