What is IEC C13?

What is IEC C13?

The IEC 320 C13/C14 connectors are based on standards created by the International Electrotechnical Commission, an international standards body. The mating connector for the C13 socket is the C14 plug, which is often mounted into a recessed panel or chassis on computer power supplies or power transformers.

What is the difference between IEC C13 and C14?

C13 connectors offered by Interpower are rated at 10A/250VAC international and 15A/250VAC North America with a temperature rating of up to 70°C. C14 inlets are also rated at 10A/250VAC international and 15A/250VAC North America with a temperature rating of up to 70°C.

Is C13 male or female?

Plugs for AC Power Cords – IEC Standard Straight Plugs, C13 Female (MISUMI) A straight female plug, which can be used in combination with male power plugs compliant with IEC60320 Standard C14 (formerly IEC320).

What does IEC cable stand for?

The International Electrotechnical Commission
The International Electrotechnical Commission, commonly known as the IEC, is the world’s leading independent non-profit international standard-setting organisation for electrical, electronic and related technologies.

What is a kettle lead called?

A kettle lead is known as a UK mains lead, an IEC cable or a power lead. Technically there is a difference between the IEC connector commonly used to power most AV and electrical devices (the IEC type 13) and the true connector used to power a high temperature kettle (which is in fact an IEC type 15).

What is the difference between C13 and C19?

For example, the most common cable is the C13, which is used to power standard PCs and monitors. With today’s high-power applications, the C19 connector is becoming more common for use with servers and power distribution units (ePDU).

Are C13 and C15 the same?

The C13 is the common “computer” power cable we all think of when we look at devices with built-in rectifiers. The C15 is the variation with a notch that fits into higher wattage power supplies.

What is a C20 plug?

C20 Power Cord Plug Adapters IEC C20 plug adapters allow you to adapt any of the mating plug styles to the connectors below into an IEC C19 outlet. For example, the C20 to L6-30R plug adapter would allow you to convert a male L6-30P plug to a C20 so that it can be plugged into a C19 outlet on a power strip.

What is IEC 60320 (IEC 320)?

IEC 320 is an international standard for appliance couplers. Use this IEC 60320 (IEC 320) reference chart to identify a configuration by pin array or designation. IEC designations use the nomenclature “C” followed by and odd or even number. StayOnline provides the most reliable power cord supply chain management.

What is a 60320 C13 power cord receptacle?

The IEC 60320-C13 three prong power cord receptacle is often referred to as the “computer power cable” receptacle. These IEC C13 power cords are commonly used in a variety of applications including computers, portable electronics, household applications, chargers, kitchen appliances and game systems such as PlayStation II and Wii.

What is the difference between IEC 60309 and IEC 609061?

Power Cannon (XLR-LNE), a compact alternative power entry connector. IEC 60309 specifies larger couplers used for higher currents, higher voltages, and polyphase systems. IEC 60906-1 A proposed standard for domestic wall sockets. NEMA connector North American standard for building receptacles and compatible cord connectors. ^ a b “IEC 60320-1”.

What is the iaiec 60320 3 sheet?

IEC 60320-3: Standard sheets and gauges. This part includes the standard sheets for both appliance couplers and interconnection couplers. For appliance couplers the various coupler outlines are designated using a combination of letters and numbers, e.g., “C14”.

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