What is Isilon called now?

What is Isilon called now?

This week, Dell Technologies announced the release of its new PowerScale storage platform for unstructured (file and object) data. Despite the new name, PowerScale leverages the same OneFS technology that was the backbone of the Isilon brand for so many years.

What OS does Isilon use?

An Isilon clustered storage system is composed of three or more nodes. Each node is a server integrated with proprietary operating system software called OneFS (based on FreeBSD), which unifies a cluster of nodes into a single shared resource.

How much does Isilon cost?

Pricing for the EMC Isilon X-Series depends on configuration. Starting list price for the X410 is approximately $34,000. All three products also have a minimum order quantity of three nodes. The units come with a one-year, standard hardware-only Limited warranty.

How does EMC Isilon work?

To do this, Isilon uses an efficient messaging system, similar to non-uniform memory access (NUMA). This allows all the nodes’ memory cache to be available to each and every node in the cluster. Remote memory is accessed over an internal interconnect, and has much lower latency than accessing hard disk drives.

Who created Isilon?

Sujal Patel
Dell EMC Isilon/Founders
Sujal Patel has seen a world-changing trend coming before. In 2001, in his mid-20s, he founded data storage technology company Isilon Systems in Seattle, correctly anticipating a massive increase in unstructured data in the world.

Is Isilon a NAS?

The Isilon scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) platform combines modular hardware with unified software to harness unstructured data. Powered by the distributed Isilon OneFS operating system, an Isilon cluster delivers a scalable pool of storage with a global namespace.

Is Isilon SAN or NAS?

Isilon, founded in 2001 in Seattle by Sujal Patel and Paul Mikesell, is a scale-out NAS storage platform composed of a cluster of independent nodes that are integrated using the OneFS OS, and it supports up to 50PB of data.

Is Isilon object storage?

Isilon OneFS supports Swift, an object storage interface compatible with the OpenStack Swift 1.0 application programming interface (API). Through Isilon Swift, you can access file-based data stored on your Dell EMC Isilon cluster as objects.

What is superna eyeglass?

Superna Eyeglass® enables a disaster recovery solution based on the cluster witness concept that is used in highly available disaster recovery solutions. Repeatable test deletes all changes after testing and resync production data from DR to Test Access Zone.

What is the Isilon X200’s SSD capacity?

The Isilon X200 has a maximum raw capacity of 36 TB per node, and fits up to 12 drives, of which six can be SSDs. The X200 can accommodate 1 TB, 2 TB or 3 TB 3.5-inch HDDs, and up to six 200, 400 or 800 GB SSDs. It supports 3 TB self-encrypting drive (SED) HDDs, and two or four 800 GB SED SSDs.

What is the EMC Isilon X410?

EMC Isilon X410 The EMC® Isilon® X-Series, powered by the OneFS® operating system,versatile yet simple scale-out storage architecture to speed accessamounts of data, while dramatically reducing cost and complexity.

What is the Isilon X-series?

The Isilon X-Series is comprised of three product lines — the Isilon X200 and X210, 2U platforms, and the Isilon X410, a 4U platform. The Isilon X-Series is highly flexible and strikes the balance between large capacity and high-performance storage. The X-Series is an ideal solution for high-throughput and high-concurrency applications.

How many SSDs can I put on my Isilon X410?

The Isilon X410 has a maximum raw capacity of 144 TB, and fits up to 36 drives, of which up to six can be SSDs. It supports up to four 800 GB SSDs when paired with 1 TB HDDs, or up to six SSDs when paired with any other HDD capacity. It also supports 3 TB and 4 TB SED HDDs, as well as two, four or six SED SSDs in conjunction with SED HDDs.

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