What is Iwcf or IADC certification?

What is Iwcf or IADC certification?

What is the difference between IADC & IWCF? Both IWCF and IADC focuses on training and testing (examination) on well control, working on conventional wells where traditional well control methods are sufficient. IWCF and IADC cover the industry need for a basic well control programme.

What is the IADC accreditation?

IADC’s WellSharp accreditation program provides comprehensive well control training standards for the global drilling industry, emphasizing rigorous training for every person with well control responsibilities.

What is Iwcf certification?

The International Well Control Forum (IWCF) is a not for profit membership organisation. Our key aim is to develop and administer well control training, assessment and certification programmes for the exploration and production sector of the oil and gas industry.

How do I verify an IADC certificate?

Please email [email protected] to confirm validity of an IADC program certificate or card. If your certificate number precedes the number(s) listed in the table below, please contact [email protected] to verify the certificate.

How do I pass Iwcf exam?

To pass the assessment and get a certificate, candidates must achieve a minimum mark of 70% in each section of the assessment. Each candidate is required to complete two written test papers which include multiple choice questions and Kill Sheet calculations. Assessments are made up of multiple choice problem questions.

How much is Iwcf course?

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IWCF-RD Surface Stack INR 77000/- or USD 1450 INR 67000/- or USD 1350
IWCF RD Surface Sub Sea Combined Stack INR 77000/- or USD 1450 INR 57000/- or USD 1150
IWCF-WIP INR 77000/- or USD 1450 INR 15000/- or USD 300 per paper

Is Iwcf recognized in Canada?

IWCF certificates are now accepted in Western Canada. Worldwide on-site certification is available on a as requested basis and our trained instructors will travel to your location with all required materials.

How long is Rig Pass valid?

SafeLand and RigPass certifications do not expire; Basic Orientation PlusĀ® (BOP) is a twelve-month certification with an annual refresher.

How do I become IADC certified?

IADC Certification program consists of online exam and the simulator practical test, conducted on the last day of the course. A participant has to score minimum of 70% marks to qualify for the IADC certificate.

What does IADC stand for?


Acronym Definition
IADC Inter-American Defense College
IADC International Association of Dredging Companies
IADC Inter-Agency Defense Command (Wonder Woman cartoon)
IADC Induced After Death Communication

What is the full meaning of IADC?

The Full Form of IADC is International Association of Drilling Contractors.

How long is Iwcf Level 1?

Each module can be easily completed in half a day with the whole course taking around two days. With the introduction of Level 1 the entire portfolio of well control courses are complete.

What is the difference between IADC and IWCF certification?

In the United States, for example, many operators and contractors exclusively accept IWCF certificates. Similarly, IADC Well Control training is accepted in many parts of Europe and Asia. While they use different names for course levels, both IADC and IWCF have identical levels.

What are IWCF ecerts?

All training centres and candidates transitioned to using IWCF eCerts in 2018. eCerts are integrated within FORUM and award a digital badge to successful candidates, replacing the previous paper IWCF certificate. Successful candidates will receive an email with their eCert within 90 days of completing a course.

What does IWCF stand for?

Hydrate formation and prevention XIV. Kill sheets XV. IWCF/IADC Drilling/Workover well Intervention Well Control Outline/Content I. Gas behaviour, kicks and control

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