What is JSOC?

What is JSOC?

JSOC is a component of United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM or SOCOM) JSOC – sometimes referred to as the National Mission Force – is based at Pope Air Force Base and at Fort Bragg, both of which are in North Carolina.

Can special forces be part of JSOC?

When operating as part of a JSOC task force, attached supporting units such as elements of the 75th Ranger Regiment and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment will fall under control of JSOC. Special Forces CIF companies may also be temporarily brought in for JSOC operations.

What is the difference between JSOC and Ace?

JSOC is provided Military Information Support Operations (MISO, previously known as PSYOPs) by a division within the Intelligence and Operational Security Directorate (ISOD). ACE is an United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) directorate involved with providing intelligence for Army special operations units.

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