What is line of symmetry?

What is line of symmetry?

Sometimes called reflection or mirror symmetry, the line of symmetry is easy to see as one half of an object or shape is an identical reflection of the other half. The line of symmetry is defined by an imaginary line that passes through the centre of an object or shape.

Which alphabets can be divided vertically in symmetry?

Some of the alphabets such as A, H, M, O, U, V, W, T, Y can be divided vertically in symmetry. The symmetry line or horizontal axis of a shape which divides the shape into two identical halves is known as horizontal line of symmetry.

What is an example of horizontal symmetry in math?

The English alphabets such as B, C, H, E, are the examples of horizontal symmetry. An equilateral triangle has about three lines of symmetry. It is symmetrical along its three medians. Some other patterns also have three lines of symmetry.

How many types of symmetry are there?

Symmetry has many types such as: no line of symmetry, infinite lines of symmetry, 1 and 2 lines of symmetry in detail. There are many shapes which are irregular and cannot be divided into equal parts. Such shapes are termed as asymmetrical shapes. Hence, for such cases, line symmetry is not applicable.

The line of symmetry is also known as the axis of symmetry or the mirror line. We are already acquainted with the term symmetry, which is a balanced and proportionate similarity found in two halves of an object, that is, one-half is the mirror image of the other half.

How many lines of symmetry does the English alphabet (X) have?

The English alphabet (”X”) has two lines of symmetry Three Lines of Symmetry The shapes or objects with three lines of symmetry are symmetrical, about three lines of symmetry. These lines of symmetry may be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines of symmetry.

How many lines of symmetry can a shape have?

There may be one or more lines of symmetry. In fact, a shape may have: No line of symmetry which implies that the figure is asymmetrical. Infinite lines of symmetry. One line of symmetry. Two lines of symmetry.

What is axis of symmetry?

The line which divides or cuts the shape or object into two equal parts is called an axis of symmetry. The axis of symmetry is also termed a line of symmetry. We can say that line of symmetry divides the shapes or objects into two parts that are mirror images to each other. In the below figure, the object star is folded along the line of symmetry.

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