What is LVPECL standard?

What is LVPECL standard?

LVPECL is an established high frequency differential signaling standard that requires external passive components for proper operation. For DC coupled logic, these external components bias both the LVPECL driver into conduction and terminate the associated differential transmission line.

What is LVcmos output?

LVCMOS output signals are used for certain low-powered medical imaging equipment, as well as portable testing and measurement devices, industrial testing equipment, and networking and communication systems. LVCMOS is well-suited to both wireless and wired infrastructure. That covers a lot of ground there.

What is CML interface?

CML is the physical layer used in DVI and HDMI video links, the interfaces between a display controller and a monitor. In addition CML has been widely used in high-speed integrated systems, such as telecommunication systems such as: serial data transceivers, frequency synthesizers.

What is the difference between LVDS and CML?

The LVDS standard as currently defined and implemented has some limitations at signaling rates above 1 Gbit/s. CML (Current Mode Logic) I/O buffers such as those used on the HOTLink II™ family of devices offer a simple and effective output structure for use in systems that support sig- naling rates well above this.

What are the common-mode voltages applied to the LVDS input?

When connecting the LVPECL output through this termination network to the LVDS input, the measured common-mode voltages are VA = 2.1V and VB = 1.06V. Assuming the minimum LVPECL differential output is 930mV, then the minimum voltage applied to the LVDS input is 313mV, which meets the LVDS input sensitivity requirement.

How does the CML output voltage swing from VCC to VCC?

Assuming the current source is 16mA typical, and the CML output is loaded with a 50Ω pullup to VCC, then the single- ended CML output voltage swings from VCCto (VCC−0.4V). In this case the CML output differential swing is 800mV typical and the common mode voltage is (VCC– 0.2V).

What capacitors to use for LVPECL/CML translation?

For the LVPECL/CML translation, the series capacitors should be sized like a high pass filter, although pay attention to the input capacitance on the receiver. Some example matching networks for differential signal interfaces.

What are some examples of LVDS interfaces?

Many computer peripherals, SerDes channels, and telecom systems use LVDS, but there are times where you might need to interface with another signaling standard. Some examples include interfaces between components that use LVDS to LVPECL, CML, and HSTL.

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