What is M1 1 zoning NYC?

What is M1 1 zoning NYC?

The M1-1 Zoning District is a sub district of M1 Zoning in NYC. M1 is a Light Manufacturing Zoning District having manufacturing, commercial, and community facility uses. M1-1 Zoning is mapped in Upper Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

What is Zone M1?

M1 – LIGHT INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT. Sec. 9-2.2100. – Purpose. The M-1, light industrial, district is intended for urban areas designated for light industrial use in the General Plan.

What is m2 Zone?

The General Industrial (M-2) Zone is established to create, preserve and enhance areas for a full range of manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, warehousing, and distribution uses associated with heavy industrial land uses.

What is M1 zoning mean?

M1 zoning is called light manufacturing but includes some mixed use properties. Expanding a building in M1 to add more busines space appears easier than expanding it to add more residential space but if it is in M1-D they might allow expansin of residential space.

What is M-1 land zoning?

M1 districts are often buffers between M2 or M3 districts and adjacent residential or commercial districts. M1 districts typically include light industrial uses, such as woodworking shops, repair shops, and wholesale service and storage facilities.

What is M1 zoning California?

Except as specifically provided elsewhere in this chapter, any and every building and premises or land in the M-1 industrial zone shall be used for, or occupied, and every building shall be erected, constructed, established, altered, enlarged and maintained in accordance with the regulations set forth in this chapter. (Prior code ยง 10-3.1801)

What is zone M1?

The Light Manufacturing (M1) zone is established to provide areas in the City where light manufacturing firm can engage in processing, assembling, manufacturing, warehousing, and storage; and for incidental service facilities and public facilities to serve the manufacturing area.

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