What is manjakani good for?

What is manjakani good for?

Its usefulness to the female organs include overcoming excessive fluid, kill bacteria and fungi, make it more tight, and increase the elasticity of vaginal muscle area. In the past, usually the fruits will be pounded until smooth. After that if it is fine, then it will be applied to the female area.

How do you use manjakani powder?

Manjakani | Oak Gall mouth wash: A mouth wash made with oak gall will treat ulcers in the mouth very effectively. To make the mouth wash, Powder the manjakani in a mortar and pestle. Take around a tsp of the powdered manjakani and boil it along with little water.

What is manjakani oak gall?

Quercus infectoria, one of the popular medicinal plants used traditionally in postpartum care and treatment of various ailments. This plant is a small tree or shrub about two meters high and is mainly found in Asia, Greece, and Iran.

How do you use oak gall powder?

External application: Preparing the Oak Gall Decoction: Boil 1 tablespoon of Oak Gall Powder in 200ml of water. Heat slowly and allow the water to reduce to 100ml. Filter the water with a strainer. Then use this water as a vaginal rinse after it is cooled.

What is Quercus Infectoria gall extract?

The galls of Quercus infectoria are commonly used in Malay traditional medicine to treat wound infections after childbirth. In India, they are employed traditionally as dental applications such as that in treatment of toothache and gingivitis.

What are Gallnuts?

A gallnut is produced by oak trees as a defense against parasitic wasps who deposit their eggs in small punctures they make on young branches. The tree excretes a tannin-rich substance that hardens and forms a gallnut. These are collected and ground to be used in dyeing.

What is oak gall good for?

Gall oak galls (QIG; Galla turcica) have been used in traditional medicine to treat diarrhea, hemorrhage, and skin disease. Some studies have shown it to be an effective anti-MRSA, antiviral, antifungal, larvicidal, and antioxidant.

What is Majuphal in English?

It is named Quercus Infectoria in English. Its other common names are Mayaphal, Mayuka, Malayu, Machi Kay, Chidraphala, and so on. Majuphal juices and powders are plant-based and are made with natural elements. Majuphal extracts have been used in Asian Ayurvedic medicines for a very long time.

What is Quercus infectoria gall extract?

What is a gall nut?

What is Nutgall used for?

Nutgall is the major source of tannic acid, which is largely used in tanning and dyeing industry and for the manufac-ture of ink. It is used medicinally as a local astringent in ointments and suppositories.

What is Majuphal used for?

Majuphal can be used to treat swollen, spongy and bleeding gums. It has a Kashaya (astringent) property that reduces swelling and controls bleeding. It also produces a cooling and soothing effect on the gums due to its Sita (cold) nature.

Is manjakani a natural herbal medicine?

There are some who make a mixture as natural herbal medicine. Manjakani is rich with a substance called Tannin. For the sexual organ, Tannin is a substance that is believed to tighten the membrane and the vaginal wall. In the medical world, the resulting effect is named as the Astringent effect.

How to make manjakani mouthwash at home?

In order to make a well-tested manjakani mouthwash, boil water with manjakani balls for an hour and use it for treating cavities and bad odor. 6. Decrease Chances of Breast and Cervical Cancer

Can manjakani help with leucorrhea?

Manjakani helps both internally and locally to help women at any age, young or old. It can be placed inside the vagina or used orally in the form of a tincture. This herbal drug is claimed to reshape the walls of the vagina and alleviate Leucorrhea symptoms.

How to use manjakani for vaginal rejuvenation?

Drink three times a day. Or: Tincture: Take l-2ml of the tincture three times a day. Take Manjakani, crush and boil it in water. When the colour of the water changes, leave it to cool. Use the cooled water to wash the vagina and experience the result yourself.

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