What is @mapboxgl JS?

What is @mapboxgl JS?

Mapbox GL JS is a JavaScript library for interactive, customizable vector maps on the web. It takes map styles that conform to the Mapbox Style Specification, applies them to vector tiles that conform to the Mapbox Vector Tile Specification, and renders them using WebGL.

Why work at Mapbox?

We prioritize the progression, growth, and leadership of individuals from all backgrounds and strongly believe in the value of cultivating a diverse team. Apply to be listed on the Mapbox Developer Network, help businesses all over the world grow with Mapbox.

How do I get Started with GL JS?

To get started with GL JS or any of our other building blocks, sign up for a Mapbox account. In addition to GL JS, this repository contains code, issues, and test fixtures that are common to both GL JS and the native SDKs.

Can I modify the Mapbox Web SDK code?

Developers may modify the Mapbox Web SDK code so long as the modifications do not change or interfere with marked portions of the code related to billing, accounting, and anonymized data collection.

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