What is Marcel Breuer design philosophy?

What is Marcel Breuer design philosophy?

Marcel Breuer was a Hungarian designer and architect who moved with and beyond the Bauhaus school of design. His steel tube furniture brought 20th century modernism to the masses, but his bold use of precast concrete enabled large, modern buildings to be built under budget.

What is Breuer known for?

Marcel Breuer is famous for his tubular steel furniture, yet his real interest was architecture. For our Bauhaus 100 series, marking 100 years of the influential school, we profile the Hungarian designer who championed a rational approach to design.

What did Marcel Breuer invent?

Wassily Chair
Marcel Breuer/Inventions

In 1925, inspired by the design of bicycle handlebars, he invented the tubular metal chair; his original version is known as the Wassily chair. Marcel Breuer sitting in a Wassily chair, which he designed.

Who designed the Breuer chair?

At the Bauhaus he designed the Wassily Chair and the Cesca Chair, which The New York Times have called some of the most important chairs of the 20th century….

Marcel Breuer
Awards AIA Gold Medal (1968)
Buildings The Robinson House, UNESCO headquarters, Met Breuer, IBM La Gaude
Design Wassily Chair, Cesca Chair

What is Norman Foster famous for?

Norman Foster, in full Lord Norman Foster of Thames Bank, original name in full Norman Robert Foster, (born June 1, 1935, Manchester, England), British architect known for his sleek modern buildings made of steel and glass.

Who inspired Marcel Breuer?

Breuer was inspired by the shape and form of a bicycle handlebars when he created one of his most famous pieces, the Wassily Chair No B3 in 1925. It was designed and made for Wassily Kandinsky’. The frame of the chair was made from polished, bent, nickelled tubular steel, which later became chrome plated.

Who did Marcel Breuer marry?

Constance Crocker Leightonm. 1940–1981
Marta Erpsm. 1926–1934
Marcel Breuer/Spouse

Who was breuel’s target market?

In the same year the Museum of Modern Art in New York ran a touring exhibition of Breuer’s work and in 1948 asked him to design a low-cost house in the grounds of the museum, which was targeted at the average American family. He filled the house with plywood cut-out furniture.

What does Breuer mean in English?

German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a brewer of beer or ale, from Middle High German briuwer ‘brewer’.

Did Florence Knoll have kids?

She is survived by two stepsons, Harry Jr. and Patrick Bassett; a stepdaughter, Maia Marcq, whose father was Hans Knoll; and nine grandchildren. A third stepson, George Bassett, died in 2008. Ms.

Is Florence Knoll alive?

Deceased (1917–2019)
Florence Knoll/Living or Deceased

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