What is meant by World Class Manufacturing?

What is meant by World Class Manufacturing?

World Class Manufacturing (WCM) is a structured and integrated production system that involves all manufacturing processes in the site and entire organization from the leadership to the people on the shop floor.

What are the pillars of World Class Manufacturing?

World Class Manufacturing is based on ten pillars (Fig. 3) [7, 8, 9]: – Safety; – Cost Deployment; – Focused Improvement; – Quality Control; – Workplace Organization; – Professional Maintenance; – Logistics / Customer Service; – Early Equipment Management; – People Development; – Environment.

What are the objectives of World Class Manufacturing?

The objectives of World-Class Manufacturing efforts are to maintain market share, improving profitability and improving the firm’s ability to compete in a global market place (Montgomery et al 1996).

What are the characteristic features of a World Class Manufacturing organization?

World Class Manufacturers The main parameters which determine world-class manufacturers are quality, cost effective, flexibility and innovation. World class manufacturers implement robust control techniques but there are five steps, which will make the system efficient.

What is world class manufacturing and how do you measure it?

The ability of a company to meet new challenges posed by customers in world competitive market is the qualifying criterion for being a world class manufacturing (WCM) organization. WCM is based on continuous improvement, and it is measured in terms of producing things better, faster and cheaper and being more agile.

Who largely attributed to world class manufacturing?

On the other hand we would like to note that one of the most important definition is due to Schonberger. He coined the term “World Class Manufacturing” to cover the many techniques and technologies designed to enable a company to match its best competitors [8].

Where did world class manufacturing come from?

WCM is invented by Japanese scientist called Hajime Yamashina, Professor Emeritus at Kyoto Universality in Japan, played a key role for Chrysler, Fiat & Co (FCA). He invented that in way of 7 steps.

How do you measure world class?

[Crossref], [Google Scholar]), there exist nine performance measures for world-class operations: management commitment, quality, customer service, vendor and material management, advanced technology, facility control, flexibility, price/cost leadership and global competitiveness.

How do you get into world class manufacturing?

There are seven keys to becoming a world-class manufacturer:

  1. Reduce lead times.
  2. Speed time-to-market.
  3. Streamline outsourcing processes.
  4. Cut operations costs.
  5. Exceed customer expectations.
  6. Manage the global enterprise.
  7. Improve business performance visibility.

What is world class manufacturing?

World class manufacturing is a collection of concepts, which set standard for production and manufacturing for another organization to follow. manufacturing is credited with pioneer in concept of world-class manufacturing. World class manufacturing was introduced in the automobile, electronic and steel industry.

What are the three main principles of world class manufacturing?

fThere are three main principles, which drive world-class manufacturing. Implementation of just in time and lean management leads to reduction in wastage thereby reduction in cost. Implementation of total quality management leads to reduction of defects and encourages zero tolerance towards defects.

What is lean manufacturing process?

Lean Manufacturing is a Team Based continuous improvement process designed for long term maximization of company resources• Lean Manufacturing is an approach to achieve manufacturing excellence based upon the continuous elimination of waste• Waste is defined as activities that do not add value to the product 24 July 2012 10 11.

What are the factors of WCM flexibility?

4. Factors of WCM Flexibility Leads to Ownership Discipline Organization (Team Work) Cell Organizatio Equality n De- layering Team Managem Autonomy ent24 July 2012 4 5. Check Points for WCM (Contd…)•

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