What is mezcal Vago Espadin?

What is mezcal Vago Espadin?

The Mezcal Vago Espadín is made by Aquilino García López at his palenque in Candelaria Yegolé, Oaxaca (16°29’41.36″N, 96°18’38.69″W). Espadín is the most prevalent agave type found in Oaxaca. Its ease of cultivation and high sugar content make it ideal for making Mezcal.

What is Cuixe?

Agave Cuixe (also spelled Cuishe or Cuish) is a sub-varietal of agave Karwinskii which is a popular family of agave in mezcal production. Madrecuixe, Bicuixe, Cirial, Barril, Sanmartín, Largo, Tripón, and Tobaziche are some of the other names used for the various Karwinskii agaves.

Who owns Vago mezcal?

The Mezcaleros García is now an exclusive producer for Mezcal Vago, and is a shareholder in the company, as are the other three mezcaleros, Tío Rey, Emigdio Jarquin Ramirez, and Joel Barriga.

What is mezcal Cuishe?

An herbal, easy drinking mezcal from the Agave karwinskii family. This Cuishe mezcal has a bit of kick to it with notes of jalapeño pepper, clove and cinnamon.

What is Tepeztate?

The Tepeztate, a subspecies of the Marmorata Family of agave, has a very distinct, erratic leaf structure and flourishes best on the sides of steep, rocky cliffs. The Tepeztate produces beautiful quiotes at the end of life which flower a rich yellow before turning to seed.

Who owns Vago?

Tommaso Mule – Restaurant Owner – Vago | LinkedIn.

Is agave a mezcal?

According to spirits writer John McEvoy, mezcal is defined as any agave-based liquor. This includes tequila, which is made in specific regions of Mexico and must be made from only blue agave (agave tequilana).

Is agave a tequila?

Agave Wine originates from Mexico. It is a fortified wine made from fermented blue agave, and fortified by being blended with blanco tequila. It is similar to tequila, in that it is harvested from the same plant. Also like tequila; agave wine comes in 100% de agave and mixto versions.

What does Cuishe mean?

Cuishe (pronounced varyingly “kwee-sh” or “kwee-shay”) is a subvarietal of the Agave karwinskii species of agave, which grow wild in certain parts of Oaxaca, representing less than 1% of the agave currently growing in the state. The name Cuishe comes from the indigenous Zapotec, meaning “agave”.

Is Espadin blue agave?

However, one common characteristic among the core four is the varietal of agave distilled: Espadin. Like tequila’s Blue Agave, Espadin has been easily cultivated and widely available in Mexico for decades.

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