What is NITRONIC 50 material?

What is NITRONIC 50 material?

Nitronic 50 is an austenitic premium stainless steel that provides better corrosion resistance than 300 or 400 series stainless. The combination of strength, superior corrosion resistance, and low magnetic permability makes this alloy a top choice for high-risk applications such as medical implantations.

What is the hardness of Nitronic 50?

Nitronic 50 Stainless Steel Hardness Annealed nitronic 50 stainless steel has a Brinell scale hardness of 150, and a Rockwell hardness of B80. Nitronic 50 stainless cannot be hardened by heat treatment; cold working will increase strength and hardness.

What is the difference between Nitronic 50 and 60?

Nitronic alloys provide outstanding corrosion resistance. Nitronic 50 is a corrosion-resistant metal with low magnetic permeability. Generally considered an all-purpose metal, nitronic 60 is oxidation resistant and tolerates extreme wear and galling.

How hard is Nitronic 60?

their hardness, where NITRONIC 60 is excellent in the annealed condition. These are minimum values for annealed bars up to and over 0.5” Diameter through 12” Bar. 17 8 8.0 4 0.14 Bal.

Is Nitronic 60 expensive?

With that in mind, it is important to design parts to fit as close as possible to existing stock sizes since Nitronic 60 is both an expensive material and generally more expensive to machine.

What is nitronic metal?

Nitronic is the trade name for a collection of nitrogen-strengthened stainless steel alloys. They are austenitic stainless steels.

Can Nitronic 60 be heat treated?

Electralloy Nitronic® 60 Stainless Steel is not hardenable by heat treatment. Annealing at 1950° F (1066° C) followed by water quenching is recommended.

Is Nitronic 60 heat treatable?

HEAT TREATMENT AK Steel’s ARMCO NITRONIC 60 Stainless Steel is not hardenable by heat treatment. Annealing at 1066 °C (1950 °F) followed by water quenching is recommended.

What is Nitronic 50 stainless steel?

NITRONIC 50 Stainless Steel provides a combination of corrosion resistance and strength not found in any other commercial material available in its price range. This austenitic stainless has corrosion resistance greater than that provided by Types 316 and 316L, plus approximately twice the yield strength at room temperature.

What temperature is too high for high strength Nitronic 50?

ARMCO NITRONIC 50 High-Strength (HS) bars are not recommended for prolonged use at temperatures above 593 °C (1100 °F). ARMCO NITRONIC 50

What are the different versions of Armco Nitronic 50?

The different versions of ARMCO NITRONIC 50 (annealed, High Strength, Super High Strength) provide a wide range of mechanical properties, and high toughness properties compared to Duplex and Super Duplex, without any restriction in terms of working temperatures.

Does Nitronic 50 become magnetic when cold worked?

And, unlike many austenitic stainless steels, NITRONIC 50 does not become magnetic when cold worked. High Performance Alloys can make hot rolled, cold worked, & strain hardened High Performance Stainless Steel (HPSS) bars in house. Ask for our GFM Bulletin for more information about our bar processing capabilities.

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