What is NJ in bearing?

What is NJ in bearing?

N style bearings have two machined flanges on the inner ring and no flanges on the outer ring, with rollers and cage on the inner ring. NJ style bearings have two machined flanges on the outer ring and a machined flange on one side of the inner ring. The roller and cage assembly is in the outer ring.

What is the code of bearing?

Table 6-1 Bearing series code

Bearing type Bearing series code Type code
Single-row deep groove ball bearing 63 6
64 6
Double-row deep groove ball bearing (with filling slot) 42 4

How do you determine bearing size for shaft?

When a shaft is designed, its rigidity and strength are considered essential; therefore, the shaft diameter, i.e., bore diameter, is determined at start. For rolling bearings, since wide variety with different dimensions are available, the most suitable bearing type should be selected.

How do you calculate bearing diameter from bearing number?

A: Inner diameter code: In general, the bearing inner diameter code for bearing inner diameter (the last two digits of the basic code) × 5 = inner diameter (mm), for example, the inner diameter of bearing 6204 is 04 × 5 = 20mm.

What bearing should be selected?

When there is radial load and axial load (combined load), angular contact ball bearing or tapered roller bearing is generally selected. If the radial load is large and the axial load is small, deep groove ball bearing and cylindrical roller bearing with rib in inner and outer ring can be selected.

How do you calculate bearings to choose?

Bearing Rating Life Calculation

  1. C = Dynamic Capacity (dN or Lbs)
  2. P = Equivalent Bearing Load (N or Lbs)
  3. N = Rotating speed in RPM.
  4. e = 3.0 for ball bearings, 10/3 for roller bearings.

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