What is NP1 sealant used for?

What is NP1 sealant used for?

Used as an acoustic sealant, MasterSeal NP 1 reduces sound transmission in partition systems to support high STC values by sealing spaces around cut-outs and at perimeters of partitions.

How long before NP1 gets wet?

In cool or cold weather, store container at room temperature for at least 24 hours before using. When NP 1™ is to be used in areas subject to continuous water immersion, cure for 21 days at 70˚ F (23˚ C) and 50% relative humidity. Allow longer cure times at lower temperatures and humidities. Always used Primer 733.

Can you use MasterSeal NP 1 on a wet surface?

As long as the surface to which you are applying the Np-1 is completely dry, you can apply this product. If you think it will rain within 1 or 2 hours after application…

Does NP1 stick to wood?

the sealant does not adhere to it, and no separate bond breaker is required. any coatings on wood must be tested to verify adhesion of sealant or to determine an appropriate primer. metal. remove scale, rust and loose coatings from metal to expose a bright white surface.

How good is NP1?

NP1 is also highly effective for reducing sound transmission in partition spaces, allowing for higher STC ratings. It’s one of our best products for creating soundproof seals. NP1 Masterseal Sealant comes in twelve colors out of the box, so that it can match the look of many different materials and projects.

How strong is NP1?

With 800% elongation, 350 psi tensile, and +/- 25% joint movement capability, NP-1 handles most every exterior application. NP-1TM requires no mixing and typically bonds to many materials without a primer, including concrete and masonry.

How do you get NP1 off your hands?

Next, apply baking soda to your hands and rub them together. The butter will lubricate and loosen the caulk while the baking soda will act as a gentle abrasive agent to scrub the caulk away. Use regular hand soap to wash off any oily residue left behind by the butter. Now you’ll have soft, clean hands.

Is NP1 fire resistant?

– Fire Resistant: UL Rated, Passes 4 hour when used with mineral wool.

How long does NP1 caulk last?

24 Hrs. 15 Yrs. 1-1/2 In. A versatile moisture-curing high-performance polyurethane sealant with permanent elasticity (Formerly: Sonolastic NP 1).

What is the difference between NP1 and NP2?

NP1 and NP1 are designed for sealing / caulking all types of active exterior construction joints. NP-2 is a color tintable 3-part sealant which accommodates up to 2″ joints with +/- 50% joint movement. NP2 is available in 22 standard colors and up to 470 custom color choices.

How long does NP1 take to cure?


Size 10.1 Oz.
Cure Time 7 Days
Color Family Grays
Dries To Touch 24 Hrs.
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor

How do you clean NP1?

How to Remove NP-1 Caulk

  1. Run a putty knife along the right and left seams of the bead of caulk to loosen the caulk from the surface.
  2. Slide the edge of the putty knife under the bead of loosened caulking material, and lift it up from the surface, sliding and lifting as far along as you can until the seam of caulk breaks.

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