What is OS AddressBase?

What is OS AddressBase?

The AddressBase Premium dataset contains Local Authority, Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail addresses, each uniquely referenced by the UPRN. This includes addresses throughout the property lifecycle; from proposed planning development through to demolished address.

What is AddressBase premium?

AddressBase® Premium is an addressing gazetteer offering full lifecycle information of a property that can be used within geographical information systems (GIS) and database systems.

How often do Ordnance Survey update addresses?

It includes locations for around 33 million addresses, as well as additional metadata. The core underlying data is updated constantly, many times a day. Ordnance Survey collects, quality checks and publishes a new version of the whole data set on AddressBase every week.

Where is the Ordnance Survey headquarters?

Southampton, United Kingdom
Ordnance Survey/Headquarters

How are Ordnance Survey maps updated?

Ordnance Survey (OS) update their central database every day by both field survey and aerial photography. The data has to go through a number of different databases and production processes before it can be released in their products.

How far back do OS maps go?

Ordnance Survey maps at The National Archives Many include additions made by hand. Although the first Ordnance Survey map was published in 1801, it was many years before it produced detailed maps of the whole country. For many places, the oldest large-scale Ordnance Survey map dates from the 1860s, 1870s or 1880s.

What is AddressBase core and AddressBase plus?

AddressBase Core is available to Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) members and to business customers under commercial licensing. Along with Royal Mail PAF data, AddressBase Plus gives you up-to-date local authority addresses, multi-occupancy addresses and OS MasterMap TOID references.

What GIS formats does Ordnance Survey offer?

Broad range of formats – Ordnance Survey supply their products in limited formats but we can convert into all common GIS formats such as MapInfo TAB, Esri Shapefile, Esri File GeoDatabase and others. Deliveries can also include our award-winning cartographic styling.

What is AddressBase Islands and how does it work?

AddressBase Islands delivers the detail for Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands which you find in AddressBase Plus and AddressBase Premium. It delivers an extra 1 million address records, complete with the UPRN, outside of Great Britain.

What is osbos AddressBase core?

OS AddressBase Core As the entry-level addressing product from Ordnance Survey, AddressBase Core gives easy access to complete and accurate address data for 33 million properties in Great Britain, including unique property reference numbers (UPRN) and additional attributes.

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