What is parchment paper cardstock?

What is parchment paper cardstock?

cover card stock features an old-world, antiquated appearance in a variety of modern and traditional colors. These parchment cardstocks print very nicely in laser printers, inkjet printers, and copiers.

What is cover stock paper used for?

Cover stock refers to a heavier type of matte or glossy paper that your business can use for heavier items like business cards and posters.

Is cover paper the same as cardstock?

The terms cover stock and card stock are analogous and are frequently interchanged by both novices and industry professionals alike. They both refer to heavy weight paper, and for all intents and purposes, are the same thing – card stock, is cover stock, is thick or heavy paper – plain and simple.

Is card stock paper thick?

Unlike cover stock, cardstock is NOT the same as construction paper. It’s typically quite bright and colorful, and a little thicker than normal paper which makes it great for art projects. However, card stock is thicker than construction paper, and is, therefore, more expensive.

What’s thicker cardstock or cover stock?

Card stock, sometimes spelled “cardstock”, is thicker and more durable than regular printer paper, but it’s thinner and more flexible than cardboard. Cover stock is often coated and textured, and is typically measured by basis weight. This term is often reserved for heavy-weight papers of a decorative nature.

Is cover stock thicker than card stock?

Cover Stock And Cardstock Kind Of Look-Alike Both coverstock and cardstock are paper. Cover stock and cardstock are both more durable and thicker than regular printer paper, copy paper, or even construction paper. Cover stock vs cardstock can be used the same way (generally).

What is Pearl paper?

The pearl white metallic paper features the ability to bring subtle, but attention-catching finish to your design or artworks. It is under Shimmer Metallic Paper line, which is known for offering beauty in a visually and tactile manner. The paper is smooth to the touch and shimmery to the eyes.

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