What is Picolax syrup used for?

What is Picolax syrup used for?

Picolex Oral Solution is a medicine used to treat constipation. It is a laxative and helps you empty your bowels. It works by increasing movement in the intestine and provides relief from constipation.

How quickly does Picolax work?

It may start working within 30 minutes but sometimes takes much longer. The effects will last up to six hours or sometimes more. Bowel preparation may make you feel sick, tired, have abdominal bloating or cramps, and can occasionally cause an allergic reaction, with or without a rash.

How do you use Picolax drops?

Picolax Oral Drops are best taken in the evening, with and without liquid. The effect usually occurs after 10-12 hours. Handling the Dropper Bottle: In order to produce the solution, hold the bottle vertically downwards.

Is Picolax a strong laxative?

The PICOLAX bowel preparation is a strong laxative which will empty your bowel of waste material. It is important that you follow these instructions correctly. If you are not properly prepared the procedure may not be successful and may even result in the cancellation of the procedure.

What are the side effects of Picolax?

abdominal pain, abdominal fullness, bloating, nausea, thirst, headache, fatigue or anal discomfort. These are the more common side effects of Picolax. Less frequent side-effects are vomiting or dizziness. Side effects usually last for a short time only.

Is Picolax safe in pregnancy?

As picosulfate is a stimulant laxative, for safety measure, it is preferable to avoid the use of PICOLAX during pregnancy. There is no experience with the use of PICOLAX in nursing mothers.

What should I eat after taking Picolax?

Wait for at least 5 minutes as the solution will become hot! Dilute with cold water to make ½ a mugful, stir then drink. Thereafter drink plenty of clear fluids (at least 250 ml) every hour. Clear soup or meat extract such as Bovril or marmite (see below list of allowed fluids) but no food until after your procedure.

What happens after taking Picolax?

Is Picolax safe for kidneys?

Picolax® should be avoided in patients with severe renal impairment as accumulation of magnesium can occur. Picolax® should also be avoided in renal transplant patients.

What can I eat when taking Picolax?

Take one sachet of picolax as before. Drink plenty of fluids. No solid food until after your appointment. Tender lean meat, poultry, ham, liver, kidney, fish.

What is Picolax used for?

You may need to read it again. Picolax is used to cleanse the lower bowel in preparation for endoscopic, barium enema, X-ray or surgical gastrointestinal examination. It does this by acting in the intestine and colon causing a watery bowel motion which evacuates the bowel.

How long does it take for Picolax to work?

This induces a watery stool or bowel motion, usually within two to three hours of taking the first dose. Picolax is indicated for emptying and cleansing the lower bowel in preparation for gastrointestinal examination such as colonoscopy, barium enema, X-ray, intravenous pyelograms (IVP) or surgery.

What are the ingredients in Picolax sachets?

Picolax sachets contain two active ingredients, sodium picosulfate and magnesium citrate, which are both laxatives. 23/08/2016. Picolax is used to empty and cleanse the bowel before examinations, X-rays or surgical procedures that require the colon to be clean of stools, such as a colonoscopy or barium enema.

What is magnesium citrate Picolax?

Magnesium citrate acts as an ‘osmotic laxative’. It works by causing water to be drawn into the lower bowel. This increases the water content and volume of the stools, and helps to ‘wash out’ the bowel. How do I take Picolax? Always follow the instructions given by your doctor. The time to take Picolax depends on the time of your procedure.

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