What is Pierre Schaeffer known for?

What is Pierre Schaeffer known for?

Schaeffer is generally acknowledged as being the first composer to make music using magnetic tape. His continued experimentation led him to publish À la Recherche d’une Musique Concrète (French for “In Search of a Concrete Music”) in 1952, which was a summation of his working methods up to that point.

What sound was used for Pierre Schaeffer’s first Etude?

Schaeffer made extensive use of the “closed groove”, the equivalent of the later tape loop, and it was on recordable discs that the first pieces of musique concrète were realized.

Which music compositional style below was created by Pierre Schaffer and Pierre Henry by manipulating tape?

musique concrète
The theoretical basis of musique concrète as a compositional practice was developed by French composer Pierre Schaeffer beginning in the early 1940s.

How was musique concrète made?

musique concrète, (French: “concrete music”), experimental technique of musical composition using recorded sounds as raw material. The technique was developed about 1948 by the French composer Pierre Schaeffer and his associates at the Studio d’Essai (“Experimental Studio”) of the French radio system.

Did Pierre Schaeffer use magnetic tape machine?

After considerable struggle, the details of which Schaeffer documented in a series of journals (published in English as In Search of a Concrete Music), he discovered that he could modify and transform field recordings through the manipulation of turntables, acetate records, filters and magnetic tape, thereby rendering …

What did Pierre Schaeffer call sampling?

the locked groove
As Jean-Michel Jarre, a former student of Schaeffer’s, put it in 2007: “Back in the ’40s, Schaeffer invented the sample, the locked groove — in other words, the loop […] It was Schaeffer who experimented with distorting sounds, playing them backwards, speeding them up and slowing them down.

Did the Beatles use musique concrete?

The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows – Perhaps one of the most important tracks, in terms of introducing Musique Concrète techniques into popular music. The Beatles – Revolution 9 – A track that was intentionally influenced by concrète techniques such as tape looping and manipulated sounds.

Who among the Russian composers created the music for the ballet The Firebird?

In 1909, when Stravinsky was 27, he was commissioned by Sergei Diaghilev to write a ballet based on the Russian legend, the Firebird. The work was completed in 1910 and premiered at the Paris Opera.

What happened to Schaeffer Manufacturing?

Under William’s leadership, the company preserves its lubricant market by making private label oil for other companies. William Shields remains president of Schaeffer Manufacturing Co. until 1947 when his sons, Gwynne and Tom Shields, assume leadership of the company.

What is Schaeffer’s view of the Renaissance?

Francis Schaeffer believed one could trace a line, from ancient Rome, through the Middle Ages, then the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and down to the present, which was one of a rise and fall.

What kind of oil does Schaeffer make?

Originally producing soaps and candles, the company begins manufacturing oils and greases to support westward expansion during the California Gold Rush. Schaeffer’s lubricants are sold under the trade names Red Engine Oil and Black Beauty Grease.

What is Schaeffer’s split between the lower and upper storey?

One of Schaeffer’s principal diagnostic tools was identifying a split between what he called the lower storey and the upper storey. Inhabiting the lower were cold, hard facts—the world of mechanisms, the word of history. Inhabiting the upper storey were the irrational, the mystical, and the relative.

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