What is power cord C13?

What is power cord C13?

IEC C14 to C13 cords are the most popular type of power cord used to power equipment in a data center server rack. Sometimes referred to as Jumper Cords, C14 to C13 cords are used to connect server and network equipment power supplies to a PDU or power strip.

What is a Mickey Mouse power cord?

Replace your overused or misplaced power cable with this Mickey Mouse, or cloverleaf connector, power cable. This power cord is designed to work with notebook and laptop computers that use a 3-slot power cord. The female connector plugs directly into the device while the male connector plugs into a standard outlet.

What plugs into a C13 outlet?

C14 plug
The C13 line socket is very common in the PC and A/V industry. The mating connector for the C13 socket is the C14 plug, which is often mounted into a recessed panel or chassis on computer power supplies or power transformers.

Does C13 plug into C15?

It is noted that C15 connector also fits into C14 inlets while C13 cannot fit into C16 inlets….C13 vs C15 Power Cord: What’s the Difference?

Connector Type C13 C15
Ground Post Yes Yes
Rated Current/Voltage 10A/250V 10A/250V
Shape Characteristic No notch A notch opposite the earth
Appliance Inlet Type C14 C16

Does C19 plug into C20?

These C19 to C20 cords will fit into any standard IEC receptacle or power inlet. The “locking” feature is enabled when used with Rack PDUs or IT equipment.

What is a C19 PDU?

Compatible plugs from network devices fit into PDU output connectors to establish power distribution. A C19 connector on a PDU will have a rated current of 16 amps. That’s why C19 connectors are often used in server applications which require higher power, including with PDUs and UPS equipment in the data centre.

What is a C14 plug?

The IEC 320 C13/C14 connectors are based on standards created by the International Electrotechnical Commission, an international standards body. The mating connector for the C13 socket is the C14 plug, which is often mounted into a recessed panel or chassis on computer power supplies or power transformers.

What is a C13 power cord?

C13 and C14 power cords are usually utilized with personal computer. They are often known as “Kettle Cord”. However, kettles need C15/C16 power cords. C15 power cords are used in high temperature surroundings like electric kettle and computer networking closet.

Is power cord interchangeable?

Even if the connector fits, the power cord should not be used unless it is meant for that laptop.Bottom LineDesktop power cords are interchangeable but laptop power cords are not. If you lose the power cord for a desktop computer or monitor, feel free to use another one you have laying around.

What is a 3 prong power cord?

In a properly-wired building, neutral should be at ground potential and will not shock you. On a 3-prong power cord, you still have hot and neutral for carrying power. But there’s also “ground” — a wire that is connected to the earth for the sole purpose of draining unwanted power for safety & electrical shielding.

What is electric power cord?

Power cord, with plug at end, plugged into a Japanese outlet with ground post, for a washing machine. A power cord, line cord, or mains cable is an electrical cable that temporarily connects an appliance to the mains electricity supply via a wall socket or extension cord.

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