What is PPCRV?

What is PPCRV?

PPCRV is a national parish-based political but non-partisan lay movement that works assiduously for Clean, Honest, Accurate, Meaningful, and Peaceful elections. PPCRV was that joyful shock of recognition that we the laity mattered.

What is the PPCRV adopt-a-province campaign?

PPCRV is powered by the spirit of volunteerism, and in another effort to unite the different communities across the archipelago, PPCRV launched the Adopt-A- Province Campaign.

How did PPCRV decide which T-shirts for each diocese?

The T-shirt allocation for each diocese was based on the number of voters, precincts, etc. and were determined by PPCRV National Head Office. MANILA – An election watchdog on Saturday urged anew Filipinos… Claim: A photo in a Facebook post shows purported… Here’s the full episode of Sagot Ko ‘Yan, July 18, 2021, only… Join Us!

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