What is premium field club at Oracle Park?

What is premium field club at Oracle Park?

Premium Field Club – The Blue Shield premium field club at Oracle Park include rows A through E of sections 107 through 124. Regular Field Club – The regular Blue Shield field club seats include rows F through R of sections 107 through 124.

Can you bring food into Oracle Park?

Outside food and beverage is permitted except in Luxury Suites. No alcohol, glass, aluminum or hard sided coolers. Beverages must be in sealed containers.

What sections are club level at Oracle Park?

Looking at the club level at Oracle Park. The sections are located between the 100 and 300 level and are smaller with climate controlled concourse access. A look at the club level sections behind home plate.

What does View Reserved mean at Oracle Park?

View Reserve Seats Numbered rows in each section are known as View Reserve. These rows are located up the stairs from the section tunnel. These seats have the most impressive views of the Bay Area – especially on the third base side.

Are dogs allowed in Oracle park?

Oracle Park rules The only pets allowed into the park are service dogs and, of course, the elite BARC corps when acting in their official capacity.

What are the field club seats at Oracle Park?

Additionally, the Field Club seats offer access to the private clubs at Oracle Park – although with seats this good you may not want to leave your seats. These are 2nd level seats between the dugouts around homeplate with a great birds-eye view of the game.

How many rows are in a lower box at Oracle Park?

Most lower box sections will have between 39 and 43 rows per section. Lower Box – The lower box seats at Oracle Park include sections 101 through 130. Lower Box Left Field – The lower box left field seats at Oracle Park include sections 131 through 135.

Where are the press club seats located at Oracle Park?

The Press Club seats are located behind home plate and provide an excellent panoramic of Oracle Park. Thanks to the shade, they’re also excellent seats to have for day games during the summer when the sun is out. There are 67 suites on the Oracle suite level at Oracle Park which is the fourth level of the stadium.

Where are the promenade patio tables at Oracle Park?

The promenade patio tables at Oracle Park are located behind section 107 (right field) and section 135 (left field). The entire lower level at Oracle Park is considered the promenade level.

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