What is SJTW A?

What is SJTW A?

SJTW-A. Type SJT, but rated or outdoor use at -31° F. SO. Type S, but also rated oil resistant.

What does 300V mean?

If the applied voltage is AC, the rating is 300V rms. If the applied voltage is DC, the rating is 300V. If you look a few lines further down, you will see ‘withstand voltage 1500VAC (that is, 2120 peak) for 1 minute’.

What does 300V mean on an extension cord?

This would indicate a junior service grade wire cord, rated for 300 volts, with a PVC jacket that is weather resistant.

What gauge of extension cord do I need?

Recommended wire gauge for extension cords Larger numbers mean smaller wires, which in turn means it can carry less power. A cord measuring 14 AWG is the thinnest we recommend—and at lengths of only 25 feet or shorter—and the much thicker 10 AWG is likely the thickest gauge you’ll find in an extension cord.

What is VW 1 rated?

VW-1: Recognized by both UL and CSA standards, this is a 3,000 BTU/hr vertical flame test and can be performed on both the completed lengths of bulk cable or jacketed single conductors. For reference, a 3,000 BTU/hr burner is approximately the same size as a Bunsen burner.

What does SJOW mean?

SJOW Cable Overview SJOW stands for: S = Service Cord (600 Volts) J = Junior Service Cord (300 Volts) O = Oil Resistant outside jacket. W = CSA designation for weather/water resistance.

What is 300 volt wire used for?

This TCGT wire is rated at 300 Volts and may be used for the internal wiring of appliances and domestic, commercial, and industrial ovens.

What does 450 750v mean on a cable?

The 450/750 is a voltage rating for the cables insulation. 450 volts phase to earth / neutral. 750 volts phase to phase. Or line to line depending on where you are.

What does SJTW mean on extension cords?

SJTW is an industry abbreviation used on wire and cable. S is for service; J for junior (which means hard service instead of extra hard); T is the coating (thermoplastic/vinyl); W is weather approved. It is a hard service, thermoplastic cable rated for 300V and approved for outdoor use.

What does 16AWG mean?

AWG stands for American Wire Gauge. It pertains to the diameter of the wire. The lower the AWG, the more current capacity it can carry. For instance, a 16AWG is thicker and can carry 13 Amps, but an 18 AWG is thinner and can only carry 10 Amps. Any electrical appliance.

What does SJTW mean in electrical?

– Answers What is electrical rating sjtw? This is the designation for a type of flexible cord (“junior hard service cord”) for electrical uses up to 300 volts, having thermoplastic insulation of the conductors and a thermoplastic outer covering.

What is the UL rating of a SJTW cord?

SJTW UL rating refers to a standard medium-duty thermoplastic cord. Weather and water resistant. Rated 300 VAC.

What is hard service cable (SJTW)?

SJTW means hard service cable – built thermoplastic jacket – 300 volts – weather-resistant for outdoors. Service is S, J is Junior, T is Vinyl thermoplastic, W-A means Approved weather. Power cables are the fundamental components of any type of electrical system. There are various types of cables available on the market.

How many amps can I put through an SJTW?

Approved cords should have durable markings every 24 inches showing the type, size of conductors and number of conductors. The permitted amps through an SJTW depends upon whether it has 2 current-carrying conductors or three or more, and the size of the conductors. An 18AWG/2 is 10A, and 14AWG/3 is 15A, for example (at ambient T of 86F, 30C).

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