What is SMU law known for?

What is SMU law known for?

A top-tier law school with a national and international reputation for training prominent lawyers in both law and business. A student body that is involved with the community through public service. Close-knit law school community with small classes.

How do you get into law school?

Here are the steps you’ll want to take to get into law school:

  1. Research the role of a lawyer.
  2. Complete a bachelor’s degree.
  3. Pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).
  4. Request your official transcripts.
  5. Write a personal statement.
  6. Obtain letters of recommendation.
  7. Apply to law schools.

Is SMU law a good school?

It’s a very good law school – probably second best all around in Texas – and has an incredible group of alumni within the upper ranks of Dallas law firms. The school graduates about 240 students a year on a traditional three-year calendar basis, almost all of whom get law firm, business or government jobs.

Is it hard to get a 170 on the LSAT?

It’s a score that almost every LSAT taker would be thrilled to receive. A 170 represents a percentile of 97.4%. This means that test takers with a score of 170 have a score higher than 97.4% of all LSAT takers. That by itself is a sign of the difficulty of the test.

What is good about SMU?

SMU is a great place to live and learn. Tree-lined paths, outdoor art, soothing fountains and colorful gardens invite you to enjoy SMU’s serene setting and the great Dallas weather. SMU is serious about sustainability and is committed to building only eco-friendly, LEED-certified green buildings.

Is 150 on the LSAT a good score?

Here are some general things to consider when scoring a 150, 160 or 170. 150 score: As a score of 150 is right around the average score for the LSAT, scoring a 150 may make it more challenging to be admitted to a law school. 160 score: A score of 160 or above is typically considered a good LSAT score.

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