What is Supratentorial and infratentorial?

What is Supratentorial and infratentorial?

In anatomy, the supratentorial region of the brain is the area located above the tentorium cerebelli. The area of the brain below the tentorium cerebelli is the infratentorial region. The supratentorial region contains the cerebrum, while the infratentorial region contains the cerebellum.

What is the Infratentorial area?

The posterior fossa/infratentorial area (the lower back part of the brain) contains the cerebellum, tectum, fourth ventricle, and brain stem (midbrain, pons, and medulla). The tentorium separates the supratentorium from the infratentorium (right panel).

What does infratentorial mean?

Medical Definition of infratentorial : occurring or made below the tentorium cerebelli an infratentorial tumor.

What does the Supratentorial area do?

The supratentorial area (the upper part of the brain) contains the cerebrum, lateral ventricle and third ventricle (with cerebrospinal fluid shown in blue), choroid plexus, hypothalamus, pineal gland, pituitary gland, and optic nerve.

What is the meaning of supratentorial?

Medical Definition of supratentorial : relating to, occurring in, affecting, or being the tissues overlying the tentorium cerebelli a supratentorial glioma.

What is supratentorial tumor?

Supratentorial tumors are those that occur in the upper part of the brain.

Where is infratentorial?

In anatomy, the infratentorial region of the brain is the area located below the tentorium cerebelli. The area of the brain above the tentorium cerebelli is the supratentorial region. The infratentorial region contains the cerebellum, while the supratentorial region contains the cerebrum.

What does Supratentorial mean in medical terms?

Is the thalamus infratentorial or Supratentorial?

The cerebral hemispheres along with the basal ganglia and thalamus are located within the supratentorial compartment. The cerebellum and brain stem are located within the infratentorium which is also called the posterior fossa.

What does Supratentorial describe?

Is the hypothalamus Infratentorial?

0 are INFRAtentorial: hypothalamus, pallium, thalamus. The following subsites coded to C71.

What is the difference between supratentorial and infratentorial area?

The sheet of dura mater (one of the layer of covering of the brain) which separates cerebral (esp occipital lobe, which is present on the inferior side of cerebral cortex) and cerebellum aka little brain, is known as cerebellum are tentorium. Above it is called as supratentorial and below is infratentorial area.

What is the significance of the supratentorial compartment?

The supratentorial compartment follows the Monro–Kellie doctrine that states that the sum total of the volume of the compartment at any point remains constant. This would translate into a realization that the compensation for any expanding mass lesion would be limited and could lead to an increase in intracranial pressure (ICP).

What is the region below the supratentorial region called?

The region of the brain below the supratentorial region is called the infratetorium, which is composed of the cerebellum and brainstem. One of the primary structures of the supratentorial region, the cerebrum, is divided into two hemispheres. These hemispheres are split by fissures into four separate…

What are supratentorial lesions of the brain?

The supratentorial lesions may be associated with either a compromise or loss of neurological functions depending on the site and size of the lesion. Sketch of the coronal section of supratentorial compartment. The supratentorial lesions can be broadly classified as follows ( Box 12.1 ). 1. a. i. ii. iii. iv. v. b. 2. a. b. 3. 1. a. b. 2. a. b. 3.

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