What is the America Free Zone in Costa Rica?

What is the America Free Zone in Costa Rica?

América Free Zone (www.americafreezone.com) is a free business development area in the province of Heredia, located in the heart of the San Jose Metropolitan Area of ​​Costa Rica.

Who founded Heredia Costa Rica?

Heredia, Costa Rica

Founded 1705
• Syndic Eduardo Murillo Quirós

When was Heredia established?

In 1848 the Constitution established titles Province, Canton and District Parish. In Law No. 36 December 7, 1848 he was awarded the title of Heredia Canton parish and assigned seven districts….The City.

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How many free trade zones are in Costa Rica?

Investment Climate The country has made itself an export platform to the world through its execution of 14 free trade agreements that govern commerce with 52 countries.

Does Costa Rica have free trade agreements?

Costa Rica ratified the U.S.-Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) in 2009. This free trade agreement eliminated most of the tariffs for non-agricultural imports and has made trade and investment in the region more attractive to U.S. companies.

Is it safe to invest in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica ranked as the 7th safest investment destination in Latin America in a “Euromoney Country Risk” survey made by this United Kingdom-based financial publication. The same survey put Costa Rica as 68th safest country for investment in the world, only Panamá from Central America ranked better.

Does Intel make chips in Costa Rica?

Intel plans to invest $600 million, up from $350 million, in the chip manufacturing plant. In 2014, Intel shut down its Costa Rica facility, located in Belén, laying off 1,500 workers. In 2000, microchips represented 36% of the country’s total exports.

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